About Beth

Beth is a Certified Horseman’s Association Level III Instructor, for both English and Western. Out of the ten instructors in her certification clinic, Beth was awarded the highest level. She has taught thousands of lessons to a wide variety of students in the past 17 years.

Beth’s first teaching job was at the prestigious Tripp Lake Camp in Poland, Maine, where she began the summer teaching beginners and ended teaching beginning jumping lessons.

She then landed her next position at the Chelsea Equestrian Center in NYC. She quickly became a favorite instructor and had a client base of thirty students. After being too cold in the winter, Beth journeyed across the country and created her own riding school in Southern California. She was there for seven years, until she met her husband Charlie, a native Texan. Once they married, they ventured just outside of Austin, Texas, so the horses could have more room to roam.

Beth encourages her students to be more present, balanced, clear, and playful, so that they become great partners with their horse.

Riders are reminded to have fun and get excited by riding in most specific and often subtle ways.

Careful, supportive instruction, with positive training always, ensures that both horse and rider can stay relaxed and focused with each ride. No yelling will occur!

Beth has honed her critical eye and instincts to such a degree, that her assessment of any rider is spot on and creates immediate shifts.

In addition to private lessons, Beth has created an innovative phone coaching course through EverAlive Publishing where clients receive daily messages sent directly to their phone!

Beth holds a B.A. in International Studies from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and is the author of Inspired Riding and The String Keeper’s Wish, both available on Amazon.

Beth’s clients develop their intuition so that they continually analyze and adjust to where their horse is at any given moment in a ride.

Influences: Beth has been blessed with attending numerous clinics over the years. She thrives on continuing education. She has ridden with Terri Stryker, Major Jeremy Beale, David Ventura, Nina Winternheimer, Michael Vermaas, Glen Julian, Christy Frakes, Karen Rohlf, Mark Russell, and Whit Watkins. She has also audited many clinics, including: Conrad Schumacher, Charles de Kunffy, Linda Allen, Anne Kursinski, Anne Gribbons, Buck Brannaman, and Greg Best.