Approach to Teaching



I love the joy shared between a horse and a rider when they are completely in sync. Learning to ride well is an amazing feat and the fact that horses even allow us to sit on them, much less do all the crazy things humans enjoy such as jumping courses and canter pirouettes, continually astonishes me. My approach is about helping humans discover their inner balance, which then translates and allows the horse to find his. The more fluidity humans can discover, the more graceful the ride for the horse.

Once a rider has a good sense of how to ride, the next step is to solidify the physical mechanics with more finesse. I encourage students to think in pictures so they can see in their mind’s eye, exactly what is going on with their horse. Learning to follow your instinct is not only critical for safety, it builds confidence and allows for greater relaxation and unified movement.

Lessons are organic and while we often start with some sort of goal in mind, riding requires flexibility and remaining open to the need to explore issues as they arise. Patience with my students and my horses defines my work.