January 7, 2013

On Challenging Yourself…

When were you last challenged to your core?

I’ve had some interesting challenges in my life lately which have undoubtedly increased my confidence, flexibility, and acceptance of change. As my high school biology teacher used to say over and over again, “Change is the natural order of things.”

Many people can take a little at time, yet when faced with something so great, it can be overwhelming. It isn’t until you look back after you survived when you can say, “Wow. I did that…what next”? 😉

Last month, I went to visit my husband in California (he was working on a TV show for a couple of months) and we were invited to stay with our friends in Canyon Country. Not only were they gracious and hospitable in putting us up for a couple of nights, but they challenged me “to a battle of the mind/body/spirit” on one of the most adventurous trail rides I had ever been on, in the most mountainous terrain I had ever experienced.

We rode steep downhills where the horses hind ends slid down and huge inclines where the horses galloped up. Even though I had many moments of, “Oh my goodness, WHAT am I doing?” I just knew that I couldn’t stop and that “everything would work out, beautifully” (as Charlie likes to say). I rode an amazing 8-year-old gelding named Ringo who likes to GO. He reminded me so much of my dear old Calcutta who I grew up riding as a child.

We followed Mary on her gorgeous horse, Natchez, as we did switchbacks on tiny trails that her and her husband created. It really was the middle of nowhere and yet it was the middle of everywhere. I will be forever grateful for that Saturday afternoon ride. I knew that they knew I was a little freaked out and I was so glad that they shrugged it off and said, “we don’t have to go too fast”….  😉

I should mention that trail riding isn’t really what I have been focusing on during my riding career. I have always thrived on the art of riding in an arena, shaping and creating happy athletes with dressage movements and small jumps for a “thrill”.  Now I might have to throw in some more trail riding…I think I am hooked now.  😉 (Thank you Mary, Anthony, Ringo, Natchez, and Latigo and Rocky & Shadow – their faithful dog companions who escorted us on the trail). Please check out their place here: Rancho Indalo.

So what challenges have you been faced with lately? I hope you make it over the mountains and can smile about it after. Enjoy your inspired rides, everyone! Keep yourselves open to limitless possibilities.  You never know where it might lead

Feel free to contact me if you have questions about this and/or any other horse related topics.  Life and horses really do intertwine, more than we realize.

Updates everywhere!

Our arena has new sand, the website has been redone with a new logo (created by my friend: Sara Reiss)…AND I can now accept credit cards (Visa/Mastercard/AmEx) when you see me next….I have a device that attaches to my phone…Moving on up!  😀