Inspired Riding encourages all students to begin riding in English saddles, to pursue a greater sense of balance, strength, and connection to the horse. Once a student feels secure in an English saddle, they may continue their education within Dressage* and Jumping.**

*Dressage is technically the French word for training. Ideally, it fosters a genuine connection between horse and rider, demonstrating athletic abilities suitable for each level of training. If one can do basic Dressage with any horse correctly, they will inevitably improve suppleness, longevity, and its overall well-being. Who wouldn’t want that for their horse?

Part gymnastics, part dance, Dressage is often called “horse ballet.” At Inspired Riding, we teach the fluidity of the movements as well as the discipline required to make the experience successful, enjoyable, and a delight for all.

obiflying_web**Jumping can be extremely thrilling for a rider, as well as very exciting for the horse. Inspired Riding teaches the refined quality of the jump in a way that supports boldness, accuracy, and control in a very steady, methodical progression. Since this sport requires much strength, trust, and focus, we emphasize solid riding skills before jumping is even attempted.