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Powerful Phone Coaching:  An adventurous Mobile Phone Text Coaching program to help you connect on a deeper, more magical way with your horse! Receive insight in the palm of your hand that translates immediately into the saddle. It’s a brand new way to improve your riding.  Purchase now.

Through Beth’s program, I was reminded of something that’s easy to forget when I ride my horses. Even when I try to put my ego aside when I spend time with my horses, I often forget the pure feeling of why I want to spend time with them in the first place. Her way of reminding me of that is very gentle, yet it speaks to my heart. It leads me to contemplate myself. It’s not that she is telling me to think a certain way, but that she guides me to seek my true feeling. Her voice is wonderful and meditative. This program is not something that will teach you a technique of horseback riding. I think it’s more essential than that. Thank you, Beth. ~Y.L.


Equestrian Visualizations MP3  Breathe, Believe, Balance

Become a more confident, creative, and capable rider:

This recording, a collaboration between expert riding instructor Beth Parrish and peak performance hypnotist James Hazlerig (www.HypnosisAustin.com), uses proven visualization techniques to help you enjoy becoming the confident, creative, and capable equestrian you were born to be.


Inspired Riding (Kindle Edition) is a thoughtful, heartwarming journey that offers unique ways of connecting with your animals and with yourself. You will come away with not only a smile, but life lessons as well.  Purchase now.


Inspired Reading is a fun, quick read, but it has plenty of depth for those who want to truly connect with their horses. The key to getting along with horses and understanding them is within these pages, as is the importance of listening to your inner voice. Beth entertains the reader with anecdotes and stories from her own journey with horses, as well as illustrations of those “aha” moments incidental to the riding lessons she is giving. Her love of animals is evident in each page. Insightful and interesting, her inspiration to go beyond the simple mechanics of riding horses really shines through. As an instructor and trainer, I can see by her writing this young author has a gift for working with both people and horses in a heartfelt way. ~Becky S.

Exciting News! Beth’s Fiction Book is Available NOW!


The Murmori, a group of entities who gain power in nightmares, are spreading fear and chaos. Earth’s vibration needs to be raised to wipe them out.

Briggs, the last String Keeper, recruits a reluctant team to embark on a time traveling mission to defeat the Murmori. The team consists of three major players. Abigail is a teenager searching for ways to fit into this world, while Naomi, a recent widow who teaches horseback riding, is searching for ways out. Sergius, a caretaker of horses during Roman times, meets a talking horse trying to convince him that he isn’t going crazy.

The three are assisted by some quirky guides. Their bond with horses draws out their inner power and strength, as they negotiate this challenging journey. Are humans destined to be drained of their joy or will the trio be successful?


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on June 27, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition