August 2013

On being a student…

Are you still learning every day or has your life become a bit stale? The real question is, are you being INSPIRED?

I have recently been blessed with finding a new instructor to come and teach me twice per month. I wanted to get back into jumping seriously again and find it helpful (as well as safer) to have eyes on the ground. Her knowledge of horse biomechanics, coupled with her amazing passion for teaching (she reminds me of myself, yet with even more experience!) make for some pretty amazing rides.

She joked with my husband that she was simply “reminding me how to ride”. Basically, since I have been teaching so much and riding a lot of green (inexperienced horses), I haven’t been able to practice the upper level movements I have done in the past

It is such a joy to feel the horses respond and move better with each ride. In turn, my lessons with my students are even more interesting, as I challenge them with more concepts to play with. It is a win-win-win all around (teacher, horse, student—which all become interchangeable, don’t you think) ??

I am reminded each day that we can continue to learn all the time. I love getting new perspectives and those “golden nuggets”, even from people I may not resonate with. Life is all about continued education and enjoying each moment….

Here are a few highlights (and great reminders) to consider:

1. In order to use their bodies properly and build up their muscles, horses must accept a steady contact (to become happy athletes)
2. If you embody the posture you want your horse to have, they will respond faster
3. Her tagline: “Hold on to what you have, until you get what you want”
4. Don’t fidget (HUGE lesson for me)….stay steady and clear (good lesson for life too) 😉
May you all continue to learn and be students with an open heart and mind….

Enjoy your inspired rides, everyone! Keep yourselves open to limitless possibilities. You never know where it might lead.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions about this and/or any other horse related topics. Life and horses really do intertwine, more than we realize.

Remember to keep breathing, being balanced, and believing in yourself AND your horse.

Lots of love,

Beth Parrish 😉