Intuition Tool Kit

Do you believe only certain people have the gift of intuition? Do you ever give your power away to others? Do you ever blindly do exactly what your trainer tells you, even when you have a gut feeling to do the contrary?

Horseback riders are a unique breed of human. They get to be surrounded by a deeply grounding energy of an incredible animal on a regular basis. Whether you are aware of this or not, horses help us fine tune our intuitive skills. It might feel a bit like static or slight senses at first, but there are actually beautiful gifts waiting to be unwrapped within yourself.

If you would like to learn HOW and WHEN to trust your internal compass, THIS opportunity is simply outstanding.

My amazing sister has created the tools you need to dive into this more natural way of decision making.

Think about how wonderful it would be to KNOW when to make a choice about what to do when you ride or know better how to decide things about your horse’s health. Or what would be the best choice for your breakfast. The possibilities are endless…

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