November 27, 2012

When things are going well….why change?

If you are like me, you may have a wonderful connection with your horse. You have a mutual understanding of what is expected of each other. Things might come up unexpectedly, yet the trust you both have is undeniable. You probably enjoy your rides and see little glimpses of improvements, here and there.

What if you allowed yourself to completely change your perspective?  Even just for a weekend?  This is what happened to me. I was introduced to a system that has proved in just one week to dramatically change the way my horses and I relate to one another. It is certainly a more clear, precise, and fun way of playing with my horses.

Without going into too much detail, my favorite results are actually seeing the “aha moments” in my students once they have tried these techniques.

Especially proud of this week: Hannah on Biffy, Michelle on Bailey, Matthias on Cash, Inga on Rafi, and Madison on Jupiter & Tango.

Adding colors to your canvas is such a lovely way to say, “hey my darling horse, why not try something a little different and we can make things even BETTER’….

SO…If you haven’t heard of Karen Rohlf, with Dressage, Naturally, please GALLOP on over to her info:

(You can also book a lesson with me soon and I will introduce you to some more fun to be had).



Ride DIFFERENT horses…

Growing up without my own horse is one of the main reasons I am able to help so many different types of horses now. I remember showing up to my weekly lesson, looking at the board with my name on it, discovering a different horse every time.

This went on for about five or six years until my trainer offered to let me start riding her event horse. That is how I knew my riding had improved.

I had the honor of riding “Calcutta” for a few years until he retired at age 32 (at age 28, he was taking off with me during my jumping classes—talk about an “ageless” horse) !!

He was a lot of horse for me, considering I was used to quieter lesson horses. He taught me how to connect with him, even though he had an exorbitant amount of energy. I remember him seeing a jump and literally pulling me toward it to go for it. (whether it was part of the course or not) 😉  Once I had him figured out, we did end up winning my “maiden” jumping class, pushing me up to “novice” level. That was a huge highlight in my young life.

So with all that said, be open to trying new horses!  I will be around for the holidays, so please let me know if you would like to set up a lesson!

P.S. Another fabulous tool for learning:  GREAT way to watch clinics in your home!

Enjoy your inspired rides, everyone!

Keep yourselves open to limitless possibilities. You never know where it might lead.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions about this and/or any other horse related topics. Life and horses really do intertwine, more than we realize.

OH and I would like to thank sweet Johann (3 months old) for sleeping long enough to allow his parents to have a little ride together!  😉

A new perspective…Recently one of students, Inga, who owns her wonderful Rafi, rode my Bentley. It was her first time riding a horse that wasn’t hers in a long time. Bentley was able to show her what a shoulder-in really felt like, as well as requiring her to be extremely clear with her cues.

Later that day she rode Rafi and had a wonderful ride. She could tell how much the ride on Bentley allowed her to help Rafi find the shoulder-in position….Along with creating a stronger position for herself! 🙂

I would like to congratulate Madison Dye. “Tango” is a wonderful new addition to her growing herd. He will be her “steady eddie” for learning how to jump safely. Remember, I offer help in purchasing horses or ponies. Contact me for details!

Remember to keep breathing, being balanced, and believing in yourself AND your horse.

Lots of love,

Beth Parrish 😉