October 1, 2012

On tuning in to YOUR intuition…

Do you listen to your instincts and honor them? What does your intuition tell you, when you get quiet enough to listen?

If you really honor your intuition, you would be amazed to discover that all the answers you are looking for in that moment are RIGHT THERE INSIDE…Some people hear voices or just feel things in their gut…no matter what, especially when working with 1,000 pound animals, it is CRUCIAL that you listen to those signals.

I have a huge scar on my left arm to remind me of just that. In case you never heard the story, I will sum up:

The day I had my worst riding accident (ten years ago last month), I actually heard a voice inside me say, “You are going to fall off today”…and guess what? I ignored it because I was so focused on getting my “job done” and was actually so grumpy in my situation at the time, working for another trainer, (I know, hard to believe I was GRUMPY–LOL) that I just continued along about the day without taking any steps back…and WHAM…I was thrown so badly I had to have immediate surgery on my arm. I have a metal plate in my forearm, with a large scar to REMIND ME that all the answers are just inside…just take a deep breath and ASK….

All of my students know that they are encouraged to tell me if they feel inspired to do something or get a funny feeling that they shouldn’t do something…I am the FIRST to tell them that THEY need to honor those feelings and I will not interfere with their decisions….


With all this said, I must confess I often call my sister, Michelle Cohen, for guidance when I feel a little clouded or just want confirmation in a decision. I jokingly call her my “yoda.” Michelle is an Intuitive and offers incredible insight through private phone sessions. It is with great pleasure that I can now send you the info to access her amazing guidance as well. Get in touch with yourself with a private Intuitive phone session with Michelle and receive a $25 coupon toward any Inspired Riding service. 🙂

Enjoy your inspired rides, everyone! Keep yourselves open to limitless possibilities. You never know where it might lead.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions about this and/or any other horse related topics. Life and horses really do intertwine, more than we realize.

Remember to keep breathing, being balanced, and believing in yourself AND your horse.

Lots of love,

Beth Parrish 😉