September 15, 2011

On Gratitude…

There is so much to be thankful for in every moment. Right now I’m still in awe that we have our home and property. The fires came so close, yet I knew in my heart that no matter what happened, we would be supported and taken care of in the most beautiful ways.

I have been overwhelmed by the amount of friends and those I have never met before who were willing to offer a hand, food, clothes, trailers, hay, coffee, care packages, homes, boarding and even extra cash to help us keep afloat. Words really can’t express how much love and gratitude we have for our friends, clients, and community. We are truly blessed to live where we live. Bless those hard working firefighters and all those involved who are out there working to keep us all safe.

Thank you ALL again for everything.

A special event…

For some exciting news, we have an event coming up in October, which will prove to be quite unique, fun, and inspiring. James Hazlerig of Harmony Hypnosis, will be conducting a visualization clinic for equestrians. It will focus on many of the concepts that I emphasize with my students and will most assuredly improve your connection with your horses and riding. A special cd is being produced in time for the clinic that will incorporate the aspects touched upon during the clinic. This CD will also be made available on the Inspired Riding website for continued sales.

Equestrian Visualization Clinic

When: Saturday, Oct. 15th, 2011. Begins promptly at 10 AM.
Where: Inspired Riding Facility on Park Road 1C, Smithville, Texas 78957
What is included:

  • Group Clinic in the morning from 10 AM – 12 PM
  • Private ½-hour riding lessons available from 1-5 PM
  • Lunch will be provided from 12-1 PM
  • Cost: $70 prepaid via PayPal or $80 at the clinic
  • For an additional $40, Private Hypnosis sessions available
  • One-hour time slots scheduled from 1-5 PM


Please email me as soon as possible

to reserve your spot!



On a sad note, we had to send our older dog, Sammy, to heaven. He had a wonderful couple of years with us and made sure we were safe from the fires before he needed to retire from his endless supportive role as our guard dog and companion. He was quite the character and found his way into everyone’s hearts. We will truly miss that sweet boy. We feel blessed that he could live his last years as part of our family.



Love to all of you and remember to have gratitude in your heart. All will be well when you remind yourself of those sparkles of hope and light inside of you.



With loads and loads of love and gratitude,


Beth Lauren Parrish