September 2013

On being “Bitten By the Bug”…

If you are reading this newsletter, my guess is that you might have an idea of what I am talking about…

♥ ♥ ♥

Ever since I was eight years old and took my first riding lessons, I couldn’t stop thinking about horses, riding, smelling their scent, getting excited about conditioning new leather, putting out fresh shavings in a stall and EVEN cleaning up their manure!

When you experience how to trot, canter, or jump for the first time, you get an incling of this excitement. You dream of riding during the day, when you are about to sleep and when you first wake up. Most of the time, you see children really getting this feeling going, although there are still so many adults with this “addiction” 😀

I find it incredibly healthy if you nourish these feelings in as many ways as possible. If you still have a job that keeps you from riding as much as you like, it is really important to find time to honor your passion!

HERE are some tips to help when you have been “bitten by the bug” of riding horses….

  1. Take a few moments to close your eyes and feel yourself riding. Try to make it as real as possible. This will help close the gap between riding sessions. I often do this when I am on a plane or just the passenger in the car and get bored! 😉
  2. If you don’t have a horse or can’t afford lessons at this time, look for a local stable that might need a “working student”. Often stalls need to be cleaned, horses need extra exercise, care, etc. The answer is always “no” until you ask. (On that note, I am still open to having more working students…hint hint…) 😉
  3. Do OTHER exercises besides riding. Believe it or not, when you ride a lot, your body might begin to get used to the feeling of riding and may become a bit stagnant. It is quite useful to get your body cross trained in order to be just as supple, fit, and excited about riding as you want your horse to be. I just started running, doing sprints, and even a focused exercise called “Equibarre”, which incoporates ballet to improve your body for riding!
  4. Meet up with other riders! The best thing to do when you want to talk about horses, is to find other like minded horse folks out there! Look for “playdays”, clinics, horseshows or whatever horse related event is around for you to expand your horizons and friendship circles.
  5. Hug your horse. Find his/her “itchy” spots and really GO for scratching them. Find a way to get their lips to quiver. That will create “magnets” and you will have your addition follow you around. Always. 😉

Enjoy your inspired rides, everyone! May the horse be with you. Always.

Keep yourselves open to limitless possibilities. You never know where it might lead

Feel free to email me if you have questions about this and/or any other horse related topics. Life and horses really do intertwine, more than we realize. Remember to keep breathing, being balanced, and believing in yourself AND your horse.

Lots of love, Beth Parrish 😉