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“I have been riding with Beth Parrish for a little over a year now. I absolutely love her style of teaching, as it is very easy to connect with. She has great horses for beginners and she can also help you find the perfect horse for you. Beth is very caring and would never push you if you weren’t ready.


She takes everything slow to make sure you’re safe and to make sure you are ready to advance to something bigger and better! Trust me, she has helped me boost my confidence and my riding to where I am able to compete! I have competed in about four shows this past year. Not only that, I have placed in three out of the four. Beth can help you get ready to compete or just get confident with riding horses. Either way she helps you build up confidence with horses.”

~ Madison, 14-years old

morecookiesplease_web“I came to Beth after a long break from horses and a bad fall which left me a little nervous about getting back in the saddle.  Beth and Biffy have done wonders to build my confidence and get me more comfortable riding than I have ever been. Beth has a talent for teaching me to connect with my horse, and for challenging me to do things I never thought I would be doing. Recently, I brought my daughter to Beth for her first lesson. It is such a joy to see her learning to love horses as much as I do. Beth truly has a gift and a passion for working with the horse and rider to achieve a deep connection and through that connection, a wonderful riding experience.” ~ Teresa

“Beth approaches her lessons with integrity, experience, intellect, and patience. She comes from a compassionate, knowledgeable, and positive space, whether it be with equines or humans. I thoroughly enjoy my lessons, have flourished under her guidance, and easily recommend her. Thanks Beth!” ~ Gina

littlebeth_web“Before my 9-year-old son’s first lesson, I was worried he would not like it or that he would be afraid, since he has never really been around horses. I did not need to worry since Beth is AMAZING, not only with her horses, but with making kids feel confident as well. Her horses are so gentle and they are obviously used to beginning riders. My son loves taking riding lessons and I love seeing the self assurance he is gaining. I feel so blessed to have found Beth for my son’s first experience with horses!“ ~ Marilyn

“Deciding to use Beth as my trainer is the best decision I have ever made. I can honestly say that I have never met another person more caring, more intuitive, or more willing to share their knowledge and love of horses than Beth. In the two years that I have taken lessons from her my riding has improved a hundred fold and my horses’ knowledge have improved by the same margin.

IMAG0241_webMy confidence and ability as both a rider and in general horsemanship are better than they ever have been thanks to Beth and her very intuitive way of teaching. Beth has the unique ability to get to the base of problems, whatever they may be, and solve them from the source. She is an amazingly gifted horse woman who I feel extremely blessed to have in my life.

Beth truly is ‘inspired’ and remarkably, she is able to transmit that inspiration to her students (horse and human alike). You can not go wrong enlisting the talents of this wonderful lady! I hope to continue taking lessons with Beth for many years in the future. I highly recommend Beth. You will not be disappointed by the amazing gifts she has to offer!” ~ Kaitlyn

“Beth is the best trainer I have ever had! She is great with people AND horses and her method of teaching is just amazing. The way Beth explains things to you makes sense, thus it is easy to implement them and get an immediate positive result from your horse. I have learned a lot from her! Beth is so friendly and patient yet very assertive in the way she handles the horses! I am always looking forward to my riding lessons as it is just fun having Beth around at the barn. Thank you so much, Beth!” ~ Inga

“Even though I had been riding for 15+ years, Beth really helped me to re-condition my body, my balance, and my approach to certain techniques. She is a wonderful spirit and she has much to offer any type of rider.” ~ Nicole

biffyjumps_web“Beth is not only a natural horse whisperer, she is also an intuitive “people whisperer”, knowing just what her client needs to get the most out of each lesson. She is gentle, easygoing & respectful of a client’s level of comfort & riding skills. Her encouraging affirmations & flexible style translate to a positive experience for beginning riders like me. I have also learned a lot more about communicating with horses using good energy as Beth does. Inspired Riding’s unique method will inspire you in many ways!” ~ Debby

“As a current student of Beth’s, I would highly recommend her to anyone from beginner level to experienced. Her approach to teaching both rider and horse is remarkable.  Her ability to “tune in” to the horse combined with her respect for this amazing animal and her love for sharing her vast experience and knowledge makes for an incredible lesson.” ~ Karen

“I have been riding with Beth for about 6 months. She is fantastic. She challenges me and my horse during our lessons and has helped us to become a better team. Beth knows what her students and their equine partners need. She has a keen eye and always keeps it interesting. I highly recommend her for both advanced riders as well as beginners! Adults and children too! So happy I found her.” ~Dai

“I started riding again this year, after many years away from anything horsey and was quite nervous about starting again. Beth has been absolutely fantastic about building my confidence back up and brushing up on previously learned skills while, at the same time, taking my riding to an even higher level. Beth is always positive and encouraging and has lots of exercises and great imagery to reinforce what is being taught during the lesson. Just watching her teach it is clear how passionate Beth is about furthering her students’ knowledge of everything equine and exactly how much she cares about each and every horse she interacts with. I couldn’t have asked for a better reintroduction to the horse world!” ~Brittney