Inspired Riding Guided Meditations

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Equestrians all over the world have found these meditations to:

  • improve their relationship with their horse
  • help with focus and confidence while riding
  • discover more magic in their daily lives
  • reduce anxiety and even assist with sleep

The playlist:

Inspired Riding Guided Meditations (approximately 90 minutes total)

  1. Appreciation Avalanche: Get into a state of gratitude and raise your vibration (7:58)
  2. Beach Ride: Feel safe, supported, and loved as you ride on a pristine beach (9:49)
  3. Before You Ride: A clear and concise way to set up for a beautiful ride (3:11)
  4. Body Wisdom: Tap into your inner body wisdom to help relieve stress (10:50)
  5. Boost of Confidence: Just what you need when you’re a little nervous (3:59)
  6. Get Creative: Find your flow state and enjoy how it helps with your riding (8:29)
  7. Get Grounded: A wonderful way to settle if you’re feeling scattered (8:49)
  8. Heart Wisdom: Tune into your heart and listen to what it needs to tell you (7:55)
  9. Horse Wisdom: Commune with your horse and get their advice (8:20)
  10. Reset Button: Step into the editing booth to rewrite, reride, and rewire your mind (5:55)
  11. Sprinkle of Fairy Dust: 3 Journeys in one meditation. Believe in your magic (14:55)
  12. Thank you Ritual: Such a kind ritual when you’ve completed a ride (3:14)

Bonus Meditations:

Energetic House Keeper: It will help clean your energy field and you will feel lighter and brighter! (6:45)

Sleep Time: Listen to this just as you are ready to fall asleep. (Total time: 32.10)


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