Face Your Fears

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  • Lessons:

    • Find Your Compass: When making decisions, find your ‘yes’ or ‘no’ feeling and ask, “Would this serve for the highest good?”
    • The Gift Of Your Attention: Be patient and open to the insights that present themselves.
    • Power Tools:  Bookmark your feeling of being Present and Confident. Add into that a mantra you can say to yourself (and your horse).
    • Redirect Your Thoughts: If you find yourself in a downward spiral, stop and ask, “How is this serving me?” Decide to search for better feeling thoughts, little by little.
    • Be Prepared: Build your confidence by facing what you fear the most: that which you don’t how to handle. Decide to become a never ending student. Keep learning and gaining new skills!
    • Performance Anxiety: Remind yourself of your Power Tools and that your only competition is with who you were yesterday. You’ve got this!
    • Fear of Falling and Injury: Slow down, listen to your intuition, and only do as much as you truly feel comfortable.
    • Fearful Horses: Decide to shift how you react to your horse and be there for them with love and understanding.
    • Compassion: Be gentle with yourself and be proud of how far you’ve come. Cultivating compassion for yourself and your horse is key to facing your fears.
    • The Checklist (all of the above)
    • Audios with each lesson
    • Bonus Content!

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