What Inspired Riders Say:

“Deciding to use Beth as my trainer is the best decision I have ever made. I can honestly say that I have never met another person more caring, more intuitive, or more willing to share their knowledge and love of horses than Beth. In the two years that I have taken lessons from her my riding has improved a hundred fold and my horses’ knowledge have improved by the same margin.

My confidence and ability as both a rider and in general horsemanship are better than they ever have been thanks to Beth and her very intuitive way of teaching. Beth has the unique ability to get to the base of problems, whatever they may be, and solve them from the source. She is an amazingly gifted horse woman who I feel extremely blessed to have in my life.

Beth truly is ‘inspired’ and remarkably, she is able to transmit that inspiration to her students (horse and human alike). You can not go wrong enlisting the talents of this wonderful lady! I hope to continue taking lessons with Beth for many years in the future. I highly recommend Beth. You will not be disappointed by the amazing gifts she has to offer!” ~ KP

“Beth is the best trainer I have ever had! She is great with people AND horses and her method of teaching is just amazing. The way Beth explains things to you makes sense, thus it is easy to implement them and get an immediate positive result from your horse. I have learned a lot from her! Beth is so friendly and patient yet very assertive in the way she handles the horses! I am always looking forward to my riding lessons as it is just fun having Beth around at the barn. Thank you so much, Beth!” ~ IH

“I started riding again this year, after many years away from anything horsey and was quite nervous about starting again. Beth has been absolutely fantastic about building my confidence back up and brushing up on previously learned skills while, at the same time, taking my riding to an even higher level. Beth is always positive and encouraging and has lots of exercises and great imagery to reinforce what is being taught during the lesson. Just watching her teach it is clear how passionate Beth is about furthering her students’ knowledge of everything equine and exactly how much she cares about each and every horse she interacts with. I couldn’t have asked for a better reintroduction to the horse world!” ~BM 

“Beth Parrish is an intuitive instructor capable of advancing the riding prowess of both naive and advanced riders. Beth’s teaching strengths lie with her flexible, quiet teaching style. She is never aggressive nor pushy when mentoring her students, yet she handily conveys the meaning behind lesson tasks and training through her adaptive approach of relating to her students. Beth’s students are very competitive in local riding events, which is direct evidence to the success of her teaching style.

I’ve had the pleasure of training with Beth for the past two years, and have excelled in my ability to draw suppleness from horses and be quietly direct in my riding. Beth is an instructor I have recommended to many of my friends, all of whom have had nothing but wonderful things to report back after their lessons with her.

If you are looking for your first lessons, or do not find harsh trainers appealing, I HIGHLY recommend you try Beth’s approach to teaching.” ~MB

“I’m so lucky to have found Beth and her wonderful horses to have riding lessons. She teaches me to be more confident and brave on a horse. My previous experiences with other trainers never really touched this aspect. I learned about “riding techniques” , but not so much about how to listen to horses and how they feel. Ever since I took lesson here, Beth has showed me so many different things to learn.

People say that our riding style will reflect our personality. Horses can always feel our emotion and they react accordingly. I feel more at ease and confident with Beth as my teacher!” ~IL

“Through Beth’s program, I was reminded of something that’s easy to forget when I ride my horses. Even when I try to put my ego aside when I spend time with my horses, I often forget the pure feeling of why I want to spend time with them in the first place.

Her way of reminding me of that is very gentle, yet it speaks to my heart. It leads me to contemplate myself. It’s not that she is telling me to think a certain way, but that she guides me to seek my true feeling. This program is not something that will teach you just techniques of horseback riding. I think it’s more essential than that. Thank you, Beth.” ~YL

“I know that coming from a working cowboy background made me an unlikely dressage student. But seeing the effortless way that Beth rode got me intrigued.  Among the many things I learned from Beth, was the fact that horses don’t care what discipline you come from or what kind of saddle you use.  What they care about is how well, and how clearly, you can communicate with them. After riding with Beth and learning her techniques, my horses are more than just my “ride to work”, they are my willing partners.  Thanks, Beth” ~HP

“I highly recommend taking lessons from Beth! She is a caring, intuitive, knowledgeable instructor that pours Joy into every lesson. I came to Beth as an absolute beginner with less-than-ideal past experiences on horseback. I was put at ease immediately by her gentle nature, obvious experience, and skill. She listens to me and knows just how to guide me to embody the lesson, how to integrate it, and make it mine. And her horses do the same!

I truly feel like I have developed a connection with the Horse every time I ride. I can’t say enough about it! I am hooked for life. Taking lessons is opening me up to me. And, I know that it is who Beth is, her natural abilities as a teacher, and her deep love for her horses, that is helping me to do that. Many thanks!” ~MG

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