The Inspired Riding Focus App:

Coming in October 2021

Discover your best plan of action for you and your horse.

 The Focus App

The ultimate app for equestrians to discover exercises, meditations and track progress, through the proven philosophy and approach of Inspired Riding.

  • Take a 4 question quiz to get Inspired by bite-sized video results!
  • 26 Guided Meditations for confidence, connection, & clarity. (and much more)
  • Digital Journal Entry: Track your progress & upload a daily photo of your horse.

Not sure what to do when you're alone or not in a lesson? This app will help you find a clear Focus for you and your horse.

  • Get personalized results when you take the self-assessment quiz.
  • Ideas to relax or energize for: connecting on the ground, walking, trotting, cantering, and poles/small jumps.
  • Save your favorite videos, so you can refer back to them anytime! 

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 Find your Focus

How is the Focus App going to change your life?

  • It will remind you to take a moment to reflect on how you and your horse are feeling. This pause/slowing down/self-assessment will help you discover your best plan of action for you and your horse.
  • Receive inspiration from the quiz results, so you can begin to make progress, instead of repeating the same things for every ride.
  • You'll find more ease and grace throughout your rides.
  • With the meditations, you'll build confidence for your horse, trust in yourself more each day, and utilize your powerful imagination to create profound and lasting changes for your riding (and in life).
  • Track your progress with the daily journal entries and even compare what your horse looks like from each session, as you upload one picture per entry. You'll be proud of your accomplishments, as well as give you data for making necessary adjustments.
  • Save time looking for things to do with your horse. All it takes is answering four questions and you’ll have suggestions right on your phone!
  • Create healthier habits for your mind, body, and spirit.
  • You’ll be reminded to slow down, trust your intuition, and listen to your horse. This will help prevent unwanted injuries, shift frustration from lack of clarity, and remind you to have more fun with your horse!
  • When you take lessons, you’ll create a better rapport and ultimately have more productive sessions with your instructor. You can take screenshots of your journal entries to share with your instructor, before and after a lesson. This will help your instructor get a sense of how you and your horse are feeling ahead of time and also see what you retained from your lesson.
  • You’ll be inspired to try new things with your horse and will build confidence for your riding, one stride at a time.
  • You’ll find a better sense of flow with your ride time, as you focus on just one thing at a time. This type of focus for each session will help you progress faster than you’ve imagined.
  • Your relationship with your horse will inevitably improve. This app will encourage you to tune in with how your horse feels more often. Your sense of awareness will deepen and your bond will become stronger.

 The Meditations

Access these powerful guided audios whenever you need them.

  • Bedtime Reflections: Reflect on your day and set tomorrow up for success (4:00)
  • Creative Visualization: Watch a movie of your best ride (4:30)

  • Find Your Calm: Get into your powerful calm state (4:28)

  • Indistractable: Find your focus and become indistractable! (6:04)

  • Inner Compass: Make confident decisions by dialing in your inner compass (4:04)

  • Just Breathe: Focus on being present and just breathe. (4:10)

  • Mounting Block Ritual: Use this just before you mount up! (3:14)

  • Post Ride Gratitude: Listen to this after your ride, especially if it wasn’t your best (3:11)

  • Pre Ride Checklist: A beautiful way to check in before you ride (3:14)

  • Riding & Recovering From a Spook: Practice in your mind to ride a spook confidently (5:30)

  • Show Day: Run through your entire day before a competition. (2:34)

  • Smooth Transitions: Find a flow with your transitions while riding (7:00)

  • Plus 14 of the original Inspired Riding Meditations


What Inspired Riders are saying...

I did the Indistractable Meditation last night, then before I rode this morning I thought 'calm and focus' .

I was aware of talking around me when we worked on half pass left (my wonky body side) but I was able to blank it out.

We had one little spook but I didn't even blink just kept right on going. I am so over the 🌜with my πŸ¦„ today because our half pass was a little better and we got a few steps of piaffe on our own 😍πŸ’ͺπŸ₯³πŸŽπŸ¦„.”

-Lisa Skipp

For the Recovering from a Spook Meditation, I was very much in the moment. When "my horse spooked", I felt it, my breath shortened and my heart beat a little faster. But I managed to relax by listening on.

Thank you so much for this one, it’ll definitely make a difference for a lot of us πŸ™‚ This one obviously hit right home. I’m going to be listening to this one over and over.

-Marija Nielsen

"I got chills with the Bedtime Reflections Meditation. The music is magnificent. Beth's voice to sound ratio is great too. Very balanced. I'm so grateful for these meditations. Thank you for creating them.

I can't wait for the app to be ready, so everyone can enjoy!”

-Jana Wagner

Ground Connection

"Running Partner"

Walk - Trot

"Playing with a Square"


Small Canter Circles to Trot

Poles - Small Jumps

"Crossrail to Pinwheel"

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