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Inspired Riding® Focus App

Inspiration for Your Horse Time!

The go-to equine app for personalized exercises, meditations and the companion journal for Inspired Riders!


Inspired Riding® Focus

Inspiration for Your Horse Time!

  • Quiz for Personalized Videos (100+)
  • Meditations to Rewire Your Mind (26)
  • Companion Journal for Inspired Riders

Quick Ideas

100+ Video Results

  • Connecting on the Ground
  • Walking, Trotting, or Cantering
  • Poles and Small Jumps 
  • Meditations for Connecting to Your Horse


Inspired Riding® Meditations

You'll love these!

  • Relaxing sounds and clear guidance
  • Rewire your mind for success
  • 26 audios to choose from
  • Save Your Favorites

Track Your Sessions

Companion Journal

  • Plan Your Sessions
  • Inspired Riding® Power Tools Prompts
  • Reflect with Your Horse
  • Upload a Photo for Each Entry
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