Inspired Riding Discovery Course


Inspired Riding Discovery Course

Inspired Riding Discovery Course

*Take a journey of self-exploration*

*focus on lessons at home to help your riding*

*surprise your horse with new insights*


change your habits gradually to transform into the best human for your horse…


This program is designed for you to play with small experiments; enabling you to develop your intuition, see what works best for you, and decide where to dive deeper. 

The Discovery Course is much like having your very own personalized clinic. It offers special details about the nuances of interacting with horses.

Most riding lessons are structured where you just don’t have the time to dive into these subjects. Now you will have them on your desktop to play with and learn at your own pace! Your horses and trainer will be amazed at your transformation!

  • 21 Lessons that are fun, inspiring, and thought provoking

  • Videos, audios, pdfs, and bonus materials

  • Private Facebook Group to connect with others taking this course

  • Get Feedback Directly from the creator, Beth Lauren Parrish

  • Suitable for students in riding lesson programs and those with their own horses

  • Learn the basics of animal communication

  • Learn how to master your energy

  • Enjoy seeing how your world transforms with your horses and in life! 

Lesson topics are in three modules:

From the introduction:

With these lessons, you can explore different aspects about your way of being with horses, gain new insights, and begin to create new habits. Think of these lessons as installing software into your amazing human system! (When you see the word, “installation” pay close attention to that exercise. That’s often where the magic begins to unfold!)

here’s a look at what you’ll get:

module 1

Lesson 1: Presence Lesson 2: Balance Lesson 3: Clarity Lesson 4: Heart to Heart Lesson 5: Stress Be Gone Lesson 6: Playtime Lesson 7: Believe  

Bonus Materials: PDF of all the exercises for you to print

module 2

Lesson 8: Integrating Module 1 Lesson 9: Riding Checklist Lesson 10: Confidence Lesson 11: Honor Your Feelings Lesson 12: Patience Lesson 13: Think Outside the Arena Lesson 14: Be Like Master Yoda 

Bonus Materials 2: PDF of all the exercises for you to print

module 3

Lesson 15: Unplug to Tune In Lesson 16: Tune Into Your Horse Lesson 17: Tuned In Riding Lesson 18: In the Zone Lesson 19: Appreciation Lesson 20: Downtime Lesson 21: Inspired Riding 

Bonus Materials 3: PDF of exercises, free copy of the Inspired Riding ebook, and a secret bonus chapter of Beth’s new book!

Are you ready to be Inspired?

Beth Lauren Parrish is proud to offer this course at a deeply discounted rate. Her insights from teaching for nearly twenty years are embedded in this program. Learn secrets to fine tune your riding, improve your relationship with your horse, and enjoy having more tools that you might not get during a normal riding lesson!

Lifetime Access to the course:

Regular Price: $297

 Reduced Price for January: $197

May the horse be with you. Always.

~Beth Lauren Parrish