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Face Your Fears Course

Inspired Riding™ offers online courses, meditations, & remote coaching. Learn to truly listen to your horse and appreciate all that they offer, for your best co-creative dances possible.

Beth Lauren Parrish, Certified Riding Instructor and Creator of Inspired Riding™, will lead you to new levels of Confidence, Connection, and More Fun!

The Companion Journal for Inspired Riders

A 12 Week Planner for Your Horse Time!

Encouraging Inspired Riders  to slow down, listen to their intuition, and connect to their horse... so they can have more fun!

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"Beth is an amazing teacher - kind, caring, and compassionate. I’ve been following her teachings for nearly 18 months now and my relationship with my horses is the strongest it’s ever been. My confidence has improved tremendously - I still get nervous from time to time but now I have the tools to deal with the nerves effectively. I’m trusting my own intuition more and more. Recently, I had a remote coaching session with Beth. Highly recommend!! The one-on-one with instant feedback was incredibly helpful and I look forward to future lessons."

Em T.
Inspired Rider

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