Trust Your Intuition

Confidently choose the best path for your horse time.

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You and your horse deserve to enjoy your time together.


Yet, there are so many things in the horse world that can cause self-doubt.


Have you ever felt confused by the countless ways to interact with your horse?

Do you get distracted by your own 'what-if scenarios' that pull you down a deep-dark-rabbit-hole?

Or perhaps you've had a setback that has caused you to question everything you've been taught?


Know this:

You are not alone.

Inspired Riders around the world enjoy phenomenal results* once they learn to trust their intuition...


*See the bottom of the page for Success Stories.


Your intuition is the key to unlocking clarity, confidence, and connection with your horse.

We get it. You love your horse!

You want to be able to confidently make decisions to help them feel happy as your dance partner! Clarity = Kindness

Learn how to be an Inspired Rider.

With the Inspired Riding tools, you'll not only keep your horse happy, but you'll also reduce the chances of accidents. This will save you from unnecessary financial, physical and emotional setbacks.

Your horse will be proud of you!

Get ready to be surprised by your horse in wonderful ways! As you embrace trusting your intuition, these tools will also help you thrive in other aspects of your life!

Here are the four main options to learn how to trust your intuition. Which will you choose?

Online Courses

Discover the self-study and interactive resources, for all levels of riders. Have the desire to fine tune your intuition for the best co-creative dances possible? Make your horse proud here.

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Remote Coaching

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RTT® Hypnotherapy

There really is a way to rapidly transform your life... In as little as one to three sessions, you can break free from whatever is holding you back!

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Hello there...

Beth Lauren Parrish, creator of Inspired Riding, is a CHA Certified Level 3 Instructor for English & Western, Level 1 Equestrian Tai Chi Instructor, and Certified as a Hypnotherapist and Practitioner for RTT® (Rapid Transformational Therapy). She has been teaching for over 22 years and has the tools to enhance her clients' transformations rapidly and profoundly.

Beth also has extensive first-hand experience with building up her own confidence. After five different surgeries over the years, she knows what it's like to go from completely freaked out to empowered.

She is pictured here with her Pony of the Americas: Pepper 'The Real Deal' Pony.

Click here to read more about Beth

As seen in:

Sunshine Weeks Torres, Licensed Naturopathic Doctor

"The Inspired Riding Program and Beth Lauren Parrish have revolutionized my at home riding program. The courses have very supportive and educational content and her virtual riding lessons make it so I can have the kind of lessons that work for me with my own horses on my own property. Beth’s methods are kind, compassionate and fun for both horse and rider."

Kara Sorensen, Body Wisdom Coach

"You will not find a more kind, compassionate, generous or positive coach than Beth. She’s just what I needed to build my confidence in myself and with my horse. While she’s more than knowledgeable she encourages me to listen to myself and my horse and for me that solves so many problems. No more square peg in a round hole with riding instructors."

Jana Wagner, Animal Wellness & Communication

"Before Inspired Riding I was having panic attacks just sitting on my horse. I was going blank before my jumping classes and simply frozen no matter what I tried to do to get my focus back. I have ridden my whole life and was fearless on horseback. After a major injury unrelated to riding, I found I was suddenly terrified, what if I fall? What if I reinjure myself?

I simply could not get past this mental panic.
After discovering Inspired Riding, and my now forever riding instructor, Beth... My confidence started returning and my relationship with my horse deepened in the most amazing ways."

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