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Please note: Beth is an affiliate for the products and services listed below. This means that she does get commission, which in turn helps with her mission to elevate the horse world! 

Noxgear 39g: A Powerful Bluetooth Speaker 

This is the speaker we use for remote lessons! It allows for two-way communication. Bonus: you can play music, podcasts, audio books, and even talk on the phone while flinging poo! 

It does has a clip and a magnet, to safely be secured on your shirt. You can ride all gaits with ease, knowing it will stay on!

Also, it will work when you're in a Zoom Meeting or on Pivo Meet, during remote lessons!

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Pivo Pod: Tracking Device to Film Your Rides

This handy device attaches to a tripod and will track you and your horse. You can film to watch later or... you can set up a Pivo Meet with your favorite instructor and they can move the phone and zoom in, in real time!

The Pivo Meet feature is an EXCELLENT way to have remote lessons!

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Hidalgo Saddles

Pepper and I love that these saddles have a leather tree and have adjustable panels underneath. It's truly a remarkable design and they are crafted with the utmost care.

Reach out to Tiffani to learn more and be sure to mention the special discount code: Inspired Riding


Equestrian Fitness Academy

Better Fitness, Better Riding

The Equestrian Fitness Academy (EFA) is a holistic online program with categorized fitness training, nutrition, and mindset programs guaranteed to improve riders from the inside out. 


"I’ve never felt so supported in an exercise program. I’m even feeling way more confident riding my pony bareback and bridle-less, as I know that I can trust my body more and more."

-Beth Lauren Parrish

Ready to sign up? Please click here to use the affiliate link!


Rider Pilates Club

You will feel a difference in the saddle, once you commit to diving into these rider specific courses! Jess is clear, fun, and has a very clever way to get you ready for each next level.

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Dressage to Go: On-Demand audio lessons in your pocket!


I've now been added to the team on Crystal Forsell's amazing app: Dressage to Go <<< you can even get 10% every month you're subscribed by using my code: BETH10

This app is like putting your coach in your pocket and getting instruction in your arena, on your time.

So excited for this collaboration!

I hope you check it out and enjoy all the amazing audio lessons!

Tools To Build A Successful Online Business

The following is what Beth has found to work best for her business. You can always contact her with questions!

365 Day Social Media Prompter

This social media hack will save you HOURS every week on your content!!

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An all-in-one platform to host your website, courses, email marketing, podcast, coaching and more!

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Another fantastic platform to host your content. A favorite feature: Clients can search for keywords in videos and they will see the time-stamps of each keyword!

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I’m using SmarterQueue, the social media management tool that boosts engagement by 10x and saves you hours each week. Get a free extended trial with my link:

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Unstoppable Affiliate Sales

Learn all you need to know about becoming an affiliate or creating your own affiliate program!

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