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Wherever you live, you can get a personalized plan for your riding goals.

Do you…

  • Have fear issues?
  • Crave more focus with your rides?
  • Want to feel more joy?
  • Desire fresh perspectives?
  • Enjoy having a coach to cheer you on?
  • Want to feel more connected to your horse?
  • Lack transportation to off-site lessons?
  • Live in a remote location without access to quality riding instruction?
  • Desire communication with your coach between lessons?

Most trainers are too busy these days to get back to you to answer your questions. You see them maybe once per week and then need to wait to get more feedback in your next lesson.

I’m just a message away.

I can help you, even if you're taking traditional lessons. It’s always good to have fresh eyes and a different perspective to support your goals. I always aim to be prompt, encouraging, and above all, be your personal cheerleader! 

By sharing videos and having live video coaching meetings online to discuss them, you will feel supported, empowered, and have more fun with your riding!

I can’t wait to meet you and your horse soon!

May the horse be with you. Always.

~Beth Lauren Parrish

PS If you’re not a horse owner and are taking riding lessons on school horses, I can help you as well! As long as your instructor is open minded, I can help all of you with an outside perspective. Please contact me with questions.


Kara S.

"I finally found a place to learn and grow with my horse, where kindness is the common denominator, to both horse and human. I’ve faced fears and learned to trust myself and my horse more.

Before starting, I communicated with my horse but mostly remotely. Now I’m able to communicate with him on the spot which makes things more enjoyable for both of us.
Beth is a constant source of encouragement and inspiration and I look forward to continuing on with our journey."

This membership is designed to help you find support, build confidence, create profound transformation over time, and ultimately: have more fun with your horse!


Check out the features below:

Monthly Membership Includes:

Supportive & Kind Members

Build your confidence to ride with ease and grace, with support from an encouraging, certified riding instructor.

Attain skills to make wise decisions for you and your horse in the moment.

Learn practical exercises to improve your and your horse's well-being. Develop into the best dance partners you can be, together!

This membership attracts kindred spirits. Be inspired by other amazing equestrians around the world.

As a member of the Inspired Riding™ Connection, you will have access to:

  • Monthly Zoom Meetings (90 mins each)
  • Themes and Challenges to help you stay focused and achieve your goals
  • The Inspired Riding™ Favorite Things: A place to easily access habits, exercises, and insights to implement on your journey. New content will be added each month!
  • Access to book discounted Power Sessions with Beth: Private video coaching with or without your horse. $55 for 45 minutes. (Reg. $75 USD)
  • Guided Meditations (see details below) Value: $23 US
  • Create Change Online Course (see details below) Value: $25 US
  • Face Your Fears Course (see details below): $33 US
  • The Discovery Course (see details below): $97 US
  • Monthly email assessments. Answer questions and get exercises and insights to implement via email from Beth, within 48 hours!
  • The Inspired Riding™ Facebook Group has nearly 3 years of content! You'll always find something fun and unique to work on.

Enhance Your Horse Journey

These meditations will help you create change. They are all 15 minutes or less, so they can assist you, even when you're short on time.

  1. Appreciation Avalanche: Get into a state of gratitude and raise your vibration (7:58)
  2. Beach Ride: Feel safe, supported, and loved as you ride on a pristine beach (9:49)
  3. Before You Ride: A clear and concise way to set up for a beautiful ride (3:11)
  4. Body Wisdom: Tap into your inner body wisdom to help relieve stress (10:50)
  5. Boost of Confidence: Just what you need when you’re a little nervous (3:59)
  6. Get Creative: Find your flow state and enjoy how it helps with your riding (8:29)
  7. Get Grounded: A wonderful way to settle if you’re feeling scattered (8:49)
  8. Heart Wisdom: Tune into your heart and listen to what it needs to tell you (7:55)
  9. Horse Wisdom: Commune with your horse and get their advice (8:20)
  10. Reset Button: Step into the editing booth to rewrite, reride, and rewire your mind (5:55)
  11. Sprinkle of Fairy Dust: 3 Journeys in one meditation. Believe in your magic (14:55)
  12. Thank you Ritual: Such a kind ritual when you’ve completed a ride (3:14)


Create Change Course

Transform your life with horses, 5 days at a time. Access to 7 unique experiences to help you enjoy your horse time.

  • Inspired Riding Basics: Breathe, Believe, & Balance
  • Honor Your Emotions & Reduce Stress
  • Animal Communication Basics
  • Fine Tune Your Intuition & Get Creative in the Arena
  • How to Create New Habits
  • Face Your Fears & Activate the Fun Button
  • Walking Exercises & Musical Fun

A proven step-by-step course to face your fears and activate your fun button!

You will feel confident, calm, compassionate, and dare I say, excited to ride again!

You will learn how to:

  • Find deep and profound insights from your fears
  • Discover powerful confidence building tools
  • Redirect your thoughts and enjoy your riding more
  • Handle performance anxiety & get focused on what’s important
  • Quiet your nerves about falling and injury
  • Shift your approach to fearful horses
  • Be more compassionate for yourself and your horse

Fear is actually a beautiful gift. When you decide to face your fears, you’re honoring the signals that are designed to keep your body safe.

These lessons will help you explore how to handle your fear and learn to appreciate it!

The Discovery Course

This program is designed for you to play with small experiments; enabling you to develop your intuition, see what works best for you, and decide where to dive deeper. One stride at a time. That's how change happens...


  • 21 Lessons that are fun, inspiring, and thought provoking
  • Videos, audios, pdfs, and bonus materials
  • Suitable for students in riding lesson programs and horse owners
  • Learn the basics of animal communication
  • Learn how to master your energy
  • Enjoy seeing how your world transforms with your horses and in life!

Your Benefits:


US Dollars

  • Access to the Private FB group: share your videos/photos/insights and get support!
  • Private Monthly Email Assessments: You answer a series of questions and within 48 hours, Beth will create insightful solutions/exercises for you via email.

  • 90 minute Monthly Group Zoom Meeting. "Ask Beth Anything"
  • $20 off all Power Sessions (Reg. $75 USD, Your Price: $55 USD)
  • Access to the Meditations, Create Change Course, Favorite Things, Face Your Fears Course and the Discovery Course

May the horse be with you. Always.

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What Inspired Riders say:

Sunshine T.

"I have become inspired to connect with my horses in ways I never thought possible. The inspired riding methods are creative, ingenious and fun for both myself and my horses too."


Martha B.

"This program has helped me view my horse with a more intimate mindset; asking, tuning in and really listening as well as building confidence through the Face your Fears course. I also love the incredible support from everyone with a no judgement atmosphere."

Karen L.

"Beth and her Inspired Riding community have breathed new life into my horse activities! She’s got the knack for asking the right question at the right time, so you find your answers when you need them! My horses and I are improving relationships and going places I never thought possible."


Inspired Riding™ Connection

Group Remote Coaching

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