Beth Lauren Parrish

Have you ever felt the breath of a horse blow into your ear? Did you get the chills or at least smile a little?

That’s the feeling I’d love for you to cultivate when it comes to your horse time. Those little moments that can so often be overlooked when you’re rushing about.

I want to encourage you to slow down, trust your intuition, and listen to your horse.

There is magic in this way of being. I hope you will take some time to explore what Inspired Riding has to offer.

Inspired Riding™: A unique system for Heart-Based Equestrians

As an Inspired Rider, you are encouraged to follow your heart, your intuition, and be receptive to what your horse needs in each moment.

The process of becoming an Inspired Rider is simple, but not easy. It’s about developing a state of awareness that allows you to understand what is going on with yourself and your horse at the same time.

Within this system, you will become more confident in understanding how to assist your horse, so you may become the ultimate dance partners for each other.

I truly believe that most horses have incredibly generous hearts and absolutely love to show us what it’s like to move like them.

May the horse be with you. Always.

-Beth Lauren Parrish

"Practically Perfect Pepper Parrish Pony" Beth's POA (Pony of the Americas)

Get Inspired!

Beth Lauren Parrish is an “Encouraging Equestrian Coach”, and a CHA Certified Level 3 Instructor in both English and Western disciplines. She has taught thousands of lessons for the past 20 years and started riding in 1986.

After obtaining a BA in International Studies, from UNC Chapel Hill, Beth decided to become a full-time instructor after falling in love with teaching at a summer camp in Maine. Beth maintained a client base of 30 students, in the middle of New York City at the Chelsea Piers.

She then established riding schools in Southern California and Austin, Texas. She now currently lives and teaches south of Atlanta, Georgia, in a horse friendly town called Locust Grove.

Beth has an unrelenting passion to improve her life and anyone else’s life that she comes into contact with. She loves to be as creative as possible, producing an uncanny amount of inspiring content on social media, as well as a fiction book found on Amazon.

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"I joined Beth's group hungry and eager and with an open heart. Chip and I had a great relationship before Beth and now we continue to build a stronger partnership thanks to her kind guidance and support."

-Jana Wagner

Beth's journey...

~~ super succinct and relevant bio for you ~~

  • Started riding lessons in 1986 on Long Island, NY
  • Rode from age 8-college in regular lessons 1-2 times per week (every day in the summer)
  • My main trainer worked directly under Anne Gribbons of Knoll Farms (I learned Dresssage in between the jumps)
  • Started teaching riding in 2000 at a summer camp in Poland, Maine (started with beginner riders and by the end of the summer, was teaching jumping students)
  • Taught in NYC at the Chelsea Piers from Sept 2000-June 2001 (had 30+ students)
  • Assistant trainer in Granite Bay, California: Helped retrain race horses and taught the beginner program
  • Broke arm, had metal plate installed... (beginning of the Bionic Woman saga)
  • Moved with two horses to Southern California and started my own riding school (Altadena, Tujunga, Lakeview Terrace, and Santa Clarita)
  • 2005: Became Certified with CHA (Certified Horseman's Association) at Level 3 for both English and Western
  • Owner of Successful Riding Schools and Mobile Trainer from 2003-2009 in California
  • 2009: Married the amazing Charlie Parrish and then moved to Austin, Texas area and started Inspired Riding (more mobile training)
  • Worked with all kinds of riders, beginners through advanced, and had a ton of fun getting them to connect with their horses and also be successful in local shows
  • Lived on a ten acre property for 5 years in Smithville, TX until a fire took the property (all lives were saved, just lost all of our stuff/home)
  • Moved to Leander, TX and worked out of two boarding facilities
  • Became Certified as an Equine Specialist for Natural Lifemanship (Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Program) and worked with two therapists and their clients
  • Started riding and doing clinics with my most sensitive thoroughbred (Indy) and we were doing amazingly well... until one day he spooked, bucked, and I had to have surgery on my knee
  • 2017: Decided to move to Atlanta, GA area so my husband could get more work (stunt coordinator for film/television) while I was recovering
  • Found a lovely home on 4.4 acres south of Atlanta, got the horses here, and 6 months after the knee surgery, slipped in the house and broke my femur on the same leg (3rd piece of metal: 9 inch plate in femur) Bionic Woman Complete
  • Finally got back to riding 14 months after the knee surgery, have local clients again... and then discovered my stomach was 90% in my chest. Hiatal Hernia surgery (Surgery #5 ... also had a hysterectomy right after the fire) and can now safely eat again and do all the things
  • Online remote teaching has taken off and I'm loving sharing my knowledge around the world
  • Continually learning and developing my skills. Jan. 2021, became certified as a Level 1 Equestrian Tai Chi Riding Instructor. (currently working on Level 2)

Whoosh... there you go! 5 surgeries, 1 fire, and over 32 years of riding, 20 years of teaching... I've been through it. I can help you through it. 

You are powerful.

I believe in you.

Your horse does too.


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