There really is a way to rapidly transform your horse life*...

In as little as one to three incredibly effective hypnotherapy sessions, you can truly enjoy your riding again!

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*Not a horse person? I can help with other issues!

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A Beautiful Testimonial...

"Before my RTT®️ session, I was experiencing high levels of anxiety when riding my horse outside of the arena.

During the session with Beth, I felt completely safe and in control. Beth guided me gently through the session, gently encouraging me to explore the underlying cause of my problem and resolve old issues that had been buried.

After listening to my recording, I felt like a huge barrier had been shifted. I'd rediscovered my former calm, confident self and was eager to spend time with my horse, exploring the countryside.

And now, I’m so amazed, since I am riding confidently and once again able to spend quality time with my family doing something we all love.

Who do you think would benefit from a session with Beth?

Anyone who is seeking a new perspective on a problem, or is struggling with a block they are trying to shift, anywhere in their life... it doesn't have to be about horses, although Beth's gifts as an equestrian coach meant that she was a perfect fit for helping me deal with my particular issue." -V.S. United Kingdom

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This one decision will change your entire life.

Choose to take your power back!

We will get to the root cause of your issue, eliminate the old beliefs, and then install new, incredibly exciting and imaginative beliefs.

In one session, you can experience a phenomenal transformation.

One RTT® Session: $497 USD


RTT® Session ~90 minutes

Your bespoke recording to rewire your mind: You must commit to listening to your audio for 21 days minimum.

Three Follow Up Emails: This is when you can check in with Beth and get feedback as needed.

Please note: All sessions are done remotely, from the comfort of your home, through Zoom Meetings.

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Get to know Beth...

A little video to explain more about RTT® and how your subconscious mind works!


From Panic Attacks... to Riding Joyfully!

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Are you feeling a shakiness for riding that you wish you could leave behind for good?

These sessions will get to the root cause of what's keeping you stuck. 

Once you understand why you're caught in a perpetual negative cycle, you can finally release things like...

  • Feeling like you're not enough
  • Having anxiety about making decisions for when is the best time to ride, fearful you might get hurt again
  • Being crazy hard on yourself and wishing you could just. lighten. up.
  • Being traumatized by an incident that makes you afraid to enjoy riding again
  • Feeling unsure about your next steps with your horse

Then, just like placing new hardware in a computer, you will install new thoughts and beliefs like...

  • I am more than enough and I can do anything my heart desires
  • I am confident with decision making and love trusting my intuition and my horse
  • I give myself grace, since I know I'm doing the best I can
  • I have phenomenal coping skills and reach for joy with riding again
  • I am ready and excited to be the healthiest version of myself. My horse is proud of me!

You will be absolutely amazed by how simple this protocol is for changing the trajectory of your riding journey... and your entire life, you'll wonder why it has taken so long to discover it.

I know I did. 

I used to get crazy butterflies for jumping with my horse. Even for the tiniest jumps!

As a riding instructor, that was pretty embarrassing, but I just accepted that it was a part of my life.

But... After one RTT®️ session, I am completely relaxed and feel such relief that I can have SO much fun while jumping.


Are you ready to rediscover and activate your riding mojo? 

Let's do this together!

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-Beth Lauren Parrish


So what is RTT®️ exactly?

Created by award winning therapist, Marisa Peer, Rapid Transformational Therapy®️ (RTT®️) is a unique approach to hypnotherapy where clients are able to reach phenomenal breakthroughs.

Who can benefit from RTT®️?

Those with physical health issues, depression, anxiety, weight management, fears and phobias have found success and freedom with RTT®️. (Scroll down to see a complete list)

It also works to help you enhance your life… better productivity, enhancing athletic performance, and helping you gain confidence for anything at work, play, or in life.

If you can dream up something amazing for your life, RTT®️ can excite the imagination and support you to achieve your goals.

How are these breakthroughs achieved? 

During the session, clients are completely relaxed and allow their conscious mind, the one that makes all the daily decisions, to take a mini-vacation. 

We then have a heart-to-heart with the subconscious mind, the part of the mind that has the answers to what’s holding you back.  The subconscious mind stores all the relevant scenes that reinforce the old thoughts, old beliefs, and old feelings that continually keep you from progressing forward in life. 

Once you uncover what your subconscious mind has revealed and are guided to examine the meaning of what emerges, deep and powerful understanding comes to light. 

With understanding, you gain powerful insights like:

  • I never realized that this moment from when I was two-years old has been holding me back from receiving love this whole time!
  • I finally understand why I had this money block and now I can release it!
  • Wow! Now I see why I had issues with food. It all started when I was five-years old!
  • My body has been trying to keep me safe this whole time by blocking my progress. Now that I understand why, I can build confidence for riding again!

Once you have these realizations, you can feel powerful; just like Dorothy with those ruby slippers... and you'll be able to click your way back to feeling at home in your body.... and in your most productive life.

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From Panic Attacks to... Completely Confident!

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From a Heavy Sadness... to Feeling Amazing!

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