Your Horse Believes In You

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Discover how Inspired Riding® will make your horse proud!

You are about to embark on a journey. Every ride, lesson, and encounter, teaches and shapes us.
Horses are parallels to life. The more we get in tune with horses, the more we can understand our lives.
Beth Lauren Parrish, Creator of Inspired Riding® and Certified Riding Instructor, has experienced the ultimate highs and the deepest lows on her life’s journey.
She teaches with the wisdom and care attained from decades of experience. Through impactful stories, lessons and practical tools, she will inspire and guide you towards tremendous happiness with your horse.
This book is divided into three parts:
  • Part One: The Inspired Riding® Way. Practical tools for cultivating clarity, confidence, and connection with your horse.
  • Part Two: All about Beth's life journey with insights to inspire and hopefully help you avoid mishaps!
  • Part Three: Messages for humans from the Inspired Riding® herd members, told from their perspective.
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    A fresh take on the horse/human connection with all the tools you need
    As a rider, coach and instructor of 35+ years this was a message to go out and enjoy my horses more.
    I truly wish I had this when I was struggling with physical and mental setbacks. The tools are all here. The path is clear. And the Herd is waiting. What are YOU waiting for?! Pick this up. Soak it in, go out and be amazing! Your horse and your future horse will all thank you.
    Improve your confidence!
    This easy to follow book allows you to move at your pace, jump to areas of interest and increase your confidence tool box. Full of great antidotes and clear ideas on improving your riding without force or fear! Highly recommended
    This book is like having Beth Lauren Parrish right there with you every step of the way!
    Beth is a bright light in the equestrian world! She has been there and done that - lived through the very high ups and very low lows that can accompany our lives with our beloved horses.
    She has a voice that is honest and kind. She deeply understands how to support our equestrian journeys regardless of discipline, breed of horse/pony, age, or experience level.
    While reading this book, I truly felt as if Beth was in the room with me.
    The chapter on "Messages from the Herd" gave me chills! Such wonderful wisdom for us all to be the best possible partners with and for our horses.

Want to hear some of the book, read by Beth? Listen to this 30 minute Podcast Now