Here at Inspired Riding®, it’s important that Inspired Riders know who we are, what we stand for, and the Inspired Riding® Way. Here are the specifics:

The Inspired Riding® Way:

  • Be kind to yourself, your horse, and others
  • Slow down whenever possible
  • Short and sweet sessions more often
  • Offer treats, scratches, and/or verbal praise for the YES moments
  • Tune in with your inner guidance system
  • Ask from your heart what your horse needs
  • Honor your horse’s emotions and yours
  • Believe that you have the power to shift your reality
  • Your horse deserves to be invited to dance, not forced
  • Meditation and Visualization are key to enhancing your horse time
  • Ask for less and be grateful for all that is offered
  • Channel your inner child joy and exuberance
  • Telepathy is a skill that can be learned and used while riding
  • Every horse and rider combo are unique and valued
  • How you approach horse time reflects how you approach your life
  • Your thoughts and words are powerful. 
  • Focus on what truly matters.


What Inspired Riding® does NOT believe in:

  • Being hard on yourself or your horse
  • Tight nosebands/flash bands
  • Tie Down Gadgets that restrict the horse’s movements (lunging or riding)
  • Saying your horse is being naughty. 
  • Pushing a horse past their threshold.
  • Not wearing helmets.
  • When beginners don’t ask for support. 
  • Rushing a horse when they are stressed.
  • Putting other riders down/bullying. 

I hope you'll join the Inspired Riders. We do have a free group on Facebook to connect:

Inspired Riders, A Group of Supportive Horse People