A Love Letter From Your Horses



Dear kind human,

There are so many things that you can get yourself focused on, which takes away the joy of us being together. We want to remind you that you are loved, appreciated, and highly regarded in more ways than you realize.

Take some deep breaths and allow yourself to settle in to really take in our words.

We are the horses of the world who see our humans as shining lights. As kind and as thoughtful as they can be. They still make mistakes, like anyone else, but they are quick to be aware and redirect and to ask for forgiveness. It is for these reasons that we want you to hear us now with our gratitude.

This is a list of all the things we love about you. Consider this our love letter to the humans who care for us equines…

1. Thank you for showing up consistently to meet our basic needs, no matter how your little bodies sweat or freeze.

2. Thank you for allowing us to share quiet moments, when we breathe and observe our worlds together.

3. Thank you...

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What's Your Party Bus look like?

We were running towards a bus stop, in downtown NYC. There was a bus already there and it started to pull away. We figured we would have to wait for the next one, but it must have seen us running, stopped and let us on. I remember my sister saying: That never happens! 


This was around 2014 and I was with my husband and sister, having a wonderful time in my old stomping grounds. My second official teaching job was actually at the Chelsea Piers Equestrian Center back in the year 2000. After Sept. 11th, the facility was taken over by the mounted police. We were walking by it and admiring one of the painted horses that were scattered amongst the city at the time. I was relieved that the mounted police had a proper space to let their horses move around when off duty, in the big indoor and outdoor arenas. 


Back to the unusual moment of the bus stopping for its hopeful passengers. As soon as we got on, we could sense the bus driver was clearly in a league of her...

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11 Things to Do When You're Away From Your Horse

If you're ever away from your horse, but still want to do *something* to help enhance your mind-body-spirit, so you can truly embody being the rider your horse can trust...

Take a look at this list I created for the short and sweet sessions challenge.

Which is YOUR favorite?

Hit reply and let me know! 

Remember to give yourself grace!


1. Riders Pilates Club: Activate & Straighten Your Seat 

2. Yoga with Adriene on YouTube: Yoga for Equestrians 

3. Beach Ride Meditation

4. Ten Things to “Let Go” Video Series

5. Bottom of this page for the Calm State Self-Hypnosis Audio 

6. Powerful Bond Mini Course

7. Audio Summit, Benefits of Intuition in the Horse World

8. Visualization Experience, 10 days, 4 mins each

9. Inspired Riding® Podcast

10. "Dear Horse" Meditation 

11. The Focus App, 26 meditations, quiz to get more ideas, and the digital journal: (3 day free trial available)


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Mental Health Tips Your Horse* Wants You To Know

Mental Health Tips Your Horse* Wants You To Know

*these tips will be helpful, even if you aren’t in the horse world



A quick intro and what to expect from this blog… I’m Beth Lauren Parrish, a horse riding instructor since the year 2000, certified since 2005, and then added certified hypnotherapist in 2022, to help those with or without horses to feel their best. 


I mention these dates to offer you a clear understanding that I felt stuck in one profession (twenty two years to be exact) and then took a big leap of faith to jump into the unknown. 


The social pictures show how I’ve been incredibly successful. I also wanted to share the behind the curtain perspective with you today, on World Mental Health Day, so you understand that everyone has their own obstacles in their minds that they often battle with quietly. 


In case you’re more into scanning quickly and only reading what makes sense in your...

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From NYC to Globally - How This Long Island Girl Took Her Love For Horses Around the World

When you let your heart lead the way, magic happens.

It was autumn of the year 2000. I was in my early twenties, newly graduated from college and ready to follow my passion. My stomach was doing flips, not only for the possibilities about to unfold…

But also as a full on empath, I was hyper-aware of the strange vibes from the passengers.

They were giving me side-eye glances on the train from Huntington to NYC. After all, I was fully dressed in my riding attire with tight breeches, tall boots, and my helmet in a large bag, just as requested by the manager on the phone. I’d ridden that same train line to countless adventures in my youth, with my parents, to wander my beloved city.

I had been one of those horse-crazy girls, who was blessed to take countless riding lessons at the Thomas School of Horsemanship in Melville, New York. After getting a degree in International Studies at UNC-Chapel Hill, I thought I would shift gears and let myself off the hook for a few months,...

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If You Want to Impress Your Horse, Do These Five Simple Things.


If you're reading this, well done for having the desire to become the rider your horse can trust!

Here's a summary of what to expect: Thoughtful, tactful, and simple ways to show your horse how much you care, how much you want to be a kind and supportive dance partner, and most importantly, that you are someone that can be trustworthy, always.

Remember: Horses thrive with clarity and consistency of character. You've got this!

Now please read on... 

After interacting with horses for nearly (gulp) thirty-seven years now... (time is so weird)... I've discovered that if you keep these five main concepts at the top of your mind (and heart), your horse will be most impressed with you. 

At the very least, they will feel more relaxed in your presence. Who doesn't want to give that to their horse?

Alright alright alright... Here we go!

Five Ways to Impress Your Horse (Pony/Equine/truly any other being that you interact with)

1. Check in with yourself first.

If you're...

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Developing Self-Carriage for Your Mind: Half-Halt Yourself to Empowerment

inspired riding Jun 07, 2023

Developing Self-Carriage For Your Mind: Half-Halt Yourself to Empowerment

According to the USDF (United States Dressage Federation) Glossary of Judging Terms:

The term SELF-CARRIAGE is defined as:

State in which the horse carries itself in balance without taking support or balancing on the rider’s hand.

When you confirm that your horse is in self-carriage, the feeling is like none other.

Not only is there an incredible trust between the two of you, but this powerful connection that bubbles up from your energized, athletic partner is palpable.

You feel proud that you have cultivated the qualities you’ve been dreaming about: lightness with your aids, a new level of balance, and most appreciated… a gorgeous eagerness from your horse to truly show you what they can offer in your co-creative dance.

What if you could cultivate these same wonderful feelings from your own mind - instead of constantly battling the negative thoughts that attempt to construct unproductive neural...

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Insights from the Dr. Gerd Heuschmann Clinic

inspired riding May 24, 2023

A quick summary of what you’ll be reading: 

  • The common issues that riders encounter and solutions offered from these insights.
  • How I was able to apply what I learned with my remote students around the world immediately after and helped them experiment with many successful moments.
  • How I rekindled the “Go Button” with my energy-conserving pony with the reminders and insights from the weekend.
  • A multitude of golden nuggets from observing the gorgeous transformations orchestrated by the brilliant Dr. Gerd Heuschmann.


Does your horse tend to spook* often? If so… how do you respond?

If pulling back on the reins in any way is your default, read on, dear equestrian… you’ll be challenged to experiment with doing the opposite. 

Does your horse toss his or her head or pull down on the reins*? These tips will also help you… 

*Of course these are going to be suggestions to help you ride better and in the moment for your horse...

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Improve Your Riding with This Powerful Practice

inspired riding Jan 03, 2023


If you take a few moments to read and implement this quick and effective visualization practice, your riding will improve, one stride at a time. Read on to learn how simple it can be to have a beautiful flow to your horse time (and in life)!

Take a long inhale and an even longer exhale. Release any tension that no longer serves you. 


Place a hand on your heart. Notice the sensations that are coming up for you. 


Do you need some more time to be still and quiet, breathing into your heart?


Go on, I dare you.


Pause, breathe, and smile. 


Close your eyes for a moment, open them, and read on.


You’re alive right now. You can feel your heartbeat and listen to your breath.


As you take these PBS moments (Pause, Breathe Smile)... you can actually help shape the trajectory of your life.


How’s that? You’re probably thinking… 


When you plant your cute bum in a chair and simply focus...

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When Your Instructor Tells You One Thing and Your Gut Tells You Something Different

When you’re warming your horse up for a lesson, there’s a palatable shift that happens when your instructor arrives and begins watching you. 

Your senses are heightened, as you want to be sure you’re doing everything she’s taught you thus far.

You admire her. She's an incredible professional. More than likely, she’s probably forgotten more than you know in the few riding years you’ve been blessed to take consistent lessons. 

The last thing you want is to disappoint her.

Your lessons have a certain structure that you and your horse can depend on. 

There might be a few minutes of no stirrup work, a few minutes of staying in a two-point position, and then you work on some new element that you’re slightly nervous about, but put your complete trust in your instructor. 

The nerves usually come up when you see her adjusting the height of the jump two holes up. 

You notice you’re holding your breath, as soon as you...

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