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You're in the right place if you're...


♥ A horse owner open to new confidence building insights

♥ A student at a riding school, craving extra support

♥ A rider ready to get brave in the saddle again, after some time away


And most important:


♥ Someone with an insatiable desire to be the best rider possible, while honoring what your horse needs from you


If you answered yes to any of the above, you know that you'll need to follow a proven system for success. 


Brave in the Saddle

brought to you by 

Inspired Riding®



A Step-by-Step Program for Riding Confidently, even if it has felt like forever.

Without feeling pressure, overwhelm, or confusion about your next steps.

By the end of this program,

you will have…


  • Cleared Mental, Physical, & Energetic Blocks

    You'll know how to retrain your mind, body, and energetic body to be the best human for your horse possible. These are invaluable tools that you won't learn in regular riding lessons. 
  • Installed Habits to Enhance Your Safety

    You'll feel empowered by knowing when to ride or not. Decision making will get easier and you'll decrease the likelihood of getting injured.  
  • Mastered a Step-by-Step Protocol for Inspired Riding®

    You'll have a clear path for what to do in every situation that comes up. You'll feel inspired, joyful, and confident with your horse! 
  • Built Trust with Your Horse

    You'll be so tuned in with what your horse needs in the moment, their trust will be palpable.
  • Become a Shining Example to Other Equestrians

    Others will want to interact with their horses, just like you do. 
  • Discovered a New Sense of Balance

    You'll be amazed at how much stronger and more balanced you will feel physically, mentally, and emotionally. Your horse will be so proud of how you continue to evolve, always.


"I don’t recognise the rider/horsewoman I used to be anymore. Facebook memories keep popping up and I’m like: wow, I truly have come a long way.

I am more confident in my abilities, I am more resilient, and I trust my intuition more.

Beth's online teaching and courses have done more for my confidence in 6 months, than several YEARS of in person lessons with other instructors."

Em Tilden, Chilton Leathercraft



Brave in the Saddle is now open to join!

4 Monthly Payments of




A One-Time Payment of



"The Inspired Riding Program and Beth Lauren Parrish have revolutionized my at home riding program. The courses have very supportive and educational content and her virtual riding lessons make it so I can have the kind of lessons that work for me with my own horses on my own property. Beth’s methods are kind, compassionate and fun for both horse and rider."

- Sunshine Weeks Torres, Licensed Naturopathic Doctor


"You will not find a more kind, compassionate, generous or positive coach than Beth. She’s just what I needed to build my confidence in myself and with my horse. While she’s more than knowledgeable she encourages me to listen to myself and my horse and for me that solves so many problems. No more square peg in a round hole with riding instructors."
- Kara Sorensen, Body Wisdom Coach


"After many years away from riding, I was quite nervous about starting again. Beth has been absolutely fantastic about building my confidence back up and taking my riding to an even higher level. Beth is always positive and encouraging and has lots of exercises and great imagery during the lessons. I couldn't have asked for a better reintroduction to the horse world!"

- Brittney Marquart, Inspired Rider


What’s Inside Brave in the Saddle 


Module 1

Clearing Your Path for Success

Get ready to get to the heart of what matters!

Address what you need to clear the clutter in your life - and your tack room, so you can feel clean and clear, ready and excited for changes to occur. 

Fine tune your intuition and learn how to become future-focused, rather than letting your past hold you back.

Module Highlights:

Set the stage for your ultimate twelve-week transformation.

You'll be fully supported with re-writing your script in your mind, so you can focus on the steps you will take to achieve your goals. 

  • Program your mind for success
  • Clear energy that no longer serves you
  • Establish new habits for cross-training
Module 2

Inspired Riding® Principles

Learn why the three Inspired Riding® Principles will help you with your riding in surprising and fun ways!

They will become powerful tools you can add to your routines in simple ways.

Module Highlights:

You will discover how effective it will be to take just a few extra minutes to utilize your power tools.

Your horse time will take on a gorgeous flow.

Your horse will feel relieved and proud of you, as you are of them.

  • Check-in Routine for Safety & Connection
  • Visualizing for Clarity
  • Top Confidence Tips
Module 3

One Stride at a Time

Remember that every goal achieved is done by consistent and disciplined moments. You will learn how to celebrate the smallest wins along your journey. 

Module Highlights:

The most amazing shifts occur when you do little bits at a time, more often. You'll learn to not only feel good about going slow, you'll also notice a bonus benefit...  Your horse will offer you more each time, since they won't feel pressured either!

  • The Power of Short & Sweet Sessions
  • Giving Yourself Grace
  • Balance Exercises for All Levels of Riders
Module 4

Build Trust with Clarity

With these techniques, you will begin to feel ready to expand your comfort zone. The techniques in this module will help you know that you're choosing the best options in the moment for your sessions.

Horses know: Clarity = Kindness

Module Highlights:

Learn the three part system to be sure you're crystal clear with your cues. Build your trust and confidence with your horse, every day, in every way.

  • Ride into Your Future Process
  • Heart to Heart, Horse Connections
  • Transition Exercises for All Levels of Riders
Module 5

Cultivate Creativity

This module is packed with profound insights to activate your creativity.

Discover how to tune in with your inner guidance, your horse, and your future successful self for new perspectives! 

Module Highlights:

Beth will guide you with her personal process for allowing creative insights to flow. Get ready for Magical Manifestations!

  • The Trifecta Tune-in
  • Menu of Exercises for Planning Your Rides
  • Inspired Riding® Vision Board Technique
Module 6

You’re an Inspired Rider

At this point in the program, you'll truly embody what being an Inspired Rider is all about.

You'll be enjoying your horse time and perhaps feel moved to lead with kindness, as a beautiful role model in your local horse community.

Module Highlights:

As the program comes to a close, you'll be invited to share two videos for feedback*, to squeeze out the most from these amazing 12 weeks of transformation. 

*You can either post in the Facebook group, or send a private video via email to Beth.

You will feel safe, supported, and loved.

  • Submit Videos for Feedback
  • The Yes Moments
  • Your Trainer CAP: Curiosity, Appreciation, Playfulness

When you enroll,

you’ll get:


Brave in the Saddle
(A $1997 Value)


  • 6 Modules (Suggested time: 2 weeks for each)

    You'll have a newfound level of confidence to get your Brave on. You and your horse will feel so proud as you embark on this journey together, week by week.

  • Your relationship with your horse will improve dramatically

    You'll become a masterful decision maker, build unshakeable trust in your clarity, and have more FUN together!
  • You'll feel accomplished by completing this program, since it's set up with your schedule in mind. 

    You'll be encouraged to go through the program, one week at a time. There are 3 short videos each week. Total watch time will be under 45 minutes for all three. This will help you get results in a timely manner. Learn & Implement, rinse and repeat. 
  • Access to over 12 recorded "Ask Beth Anything" Video Sessions

    You will see that you are not alone. Watching these videos will give you more insights and help you get even deeper questions answered.
  • Support provided:

Beth is just an email away with any specific questions! You may also comments under the lessons and post in the Facebook group.

Plus These Bonuses:


Bonus 1

"Your Horse Believes In You"

This book will inspire you with Beth's journey, enjoy messages from her herd, and offer you the key concepts to Inspired Riding®

($25 USD Value)

Once you sign up, Beth will have her book shipped directly to your home!

Bonus 2

The Inspired Riding® Meditations

Re-wire your mind for success. These wildly popular audios are enjoyed by equestrians around the world!

(A $77+ Value)

What You’ll Get:

In this bonus, you'll receive the original 14 meditations, the additional 12 Focus App meditations, and the 14 Inspired Meditations for Professionals. (40 total) 

Some of the favorites:

  • Horse Wisdom
  • Appreciation Avalanche
  • Indistractable
  • Riding & Recovering from a Spook

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Back in the Saddle - $1997 Value

  • Bonus 1 - $25 Value
  • Bonus 2 - $77 Value

Total Value: $102

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $2099

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

4 Monthly Payments of




A One-Time Payment of



Plus You'll be Backed by a Risk-Free 14-Day Guarantee

First, know that this Brave in the Saddle program is a game changer in the horse industry.

It's designed for equestrians who are truly committed to working towards a steady, progressive transformation.

By the end of the 14 days,  you'll be encouraged to go through the entire Module 1, Clearing Your Path to Success.

If you don't feel completely confident that this program will help you by that point, simply reach out and you'll get refunded your investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What our top students asked before enrolling in Brave in the Saddle:

Brave in the Saddle is now open to join!

4 Monthly Payments of




A One-Time Payment of


"I was very fortunate to find Beth Lauren Parrish and Inspired Riding a couple of years ago.  At that time, I experienced a great deal of fear and anxiety in my riding.  I absolutely love horses and learning/riding dressage so I carried on while searching for further education and support. I found Inspired Riding and it opened up my eyes to a different view - one that is based on Beth’s many years of coaching and also her own personal journey.
Through Beth’s programs, I learned how to redirect negative thoughts and have so much gratitude for my amazing horses. Her Mounting Block Ritual sets us up for a positive experience before we even get our first foot in the stirrup.  Her equestrian-focused meditations are beautiful and a wonderful way to get ready for a gorgeous ride.
Beth also teaches us to "Active the Fun Button" - this was a turning point for me.  Riding our horses is a privilege and is fun! Beth reminds us to let the fun bubble up and it’s transformed my riding.  Now, when my mare offers me a gorgeous, powerful, medium trot or extended canter, I giggle! And, I deeply appreciate what my mare has offered.
I am very fortunate and have access to an amazing team of dressage trainers at my barn.  Beth and Inspired Riding are the icing on the cake! I do still have moments of anxiety but, thanks to Beth, I also have tools to manage it. Now, I am having fun with my mare and progressing in our dressage.  It’s having cake and eating it, too!"
Andrea Reid, Inspired Rider

"I enrolled in Beth’s IR program because I felt the need to work on myself while working with my horses at the same time. I mostly needed to water the wilted flowers of my confidence after a serious accident some years ago that left me worried about everything once I was in the saddle. This worry also translated into the groundwork during which I focused more on the result that I wanted and not enough on what my horse was telling me. This unconscious need for control in order to reassure myself obviously had a negative impact on my horse time in the arena.

After going through the courses complete with homework and guided meditations for only a few months, I felt so much better about myself and my capacities that I got back on my horse after four years of staying on foot. This obviously increased my confidence tenfold and what I’ve learned still helps me on a daily basis.

If your will for a positive and durable evolution for both yourself and your horse is in your heart, then Beth has all the keys you’ll need to open the right doors for you. Saying that these courses helped redirect my life is definitely not an understatement. I couldn’t be more grateful."

- Marija Nielsen, Inspired Rider
"Before Inspired Riding I was having panic attacks just sitting on my horse. I was going blank before my jumping classes and simply frozen no matter what I tried to do to get my focus back. I have ridden my whole life and was fearless on horseback. After a major injury unrelated to riding, I found I was suddenly terrified, what if I fall? What if I reinjure myself?

Bless my horse he tried to help me get my courage back but I simply could not get past this mental panic. It was then I began my search for a riding instructor who could help me and my fears.
That is when I found Beth. I participated in her 5 day challenge for Facing Your Fears and my whole world shifted! My confidence started returning and my relationship with my horse deepened in the most amazing ways.

After discovering Inspired Riding, I have found my forever riding instructor and dear friend who continues to offer tremendous insight and support. Thank you Beth, for all you do!"
- Jana Wagner, Animal Wellness & Communication 


"Inspired Riding has given me the tools and courage to continue riding.

Several years before I found Inspired Riding I lost my wonderful trustworthy pony from colic. I soon lost all confidence and became fearful. I was afraid to ride especially at my age.

I wanted my old horse world back and Inspired Riding and Beth helped me get to find it. Many times I get immediate results from Beth’s unique ideas.

My fears are gone and confidence is back. I now have the relationship with my pony I've always wanted and it keeps getting better.

Inspired Riding and Beth have certainly inspired me!  Great program for anyone interested in a fun and rewarding relationship with horses!" 

- Jacquelin Asbill, Retired Teacher & Inspired Rider


Still thinking about it?

Brave in the Saddle is PERFECT for you if… 

  1. You're ready to get back to riding and you want to do it just right.
  2. You've tried more traditional lessons and crave unique, fun, and out-of- the-box solutions.
  3. You have an insatiable desire to be the best rider for your horse.
  4. You're already taking regular lessons but want to enhance them even more! 
  5. Get shaky about the thought of riding again. (You can take your time, promise).
  6. Aware and excited about learning the Inspired Riding® Principles
  7. Ready to take the actions needed to get your Brave on!


Brave in the Saddle Student Spotlight!!! 

Jana Wagner !! 🤩

She wrote:
Oh my gosh!!!! We cantered today!! It's the first time I have asked Aurora while being ridden.
I see her canter some when she and Chip play. I was nervous to canter because her trot is super bouncy. When she cantered she is soooo smooth!
I'm so happy I'm crying. She's super proud of herself too. Eye of the Tiger popped in my head as I was hugging her. I said, yes that sounds like your song. I will be adding this song to her Playlist she and I created for BITS.
I share about this program with a great deal of awe and gratitude.
This wonderful 12 week course Beth Lauren Parrish has created continues to inspire me and transform my bravery in the saddle.
One of my goals was to be riding confidently bareback and I'm living my goals!
Each week builds in the previous weeks and gives practical ways to build your confidence.
I just finished week 12 and I'm blown away at how I managed to stick with it. I can reflect on the past 12 weeks and literally see my progress.

I can’t wait for you to join Brave in the Saddle!

I've taught hundreds of students for over 22 years and I love seeing the AHA moments light up my students' faces and fill their hearts with complete joy.

After 5 different surgeries, which required me to ease back into riding confidently. I have a proven system and I can't wait to share it with you.

This course was created for the every day equestrian. The ones who are doing their best but know there's got to be unique, simple, and kind solutions out there for them.

Remember, this opportunity is risk free. 

Let's do this!

May the horse be with you. Always.

Beth Lauren Parrish

Brave in the Saddle is now open to join!

4 Monthly Payments of




A One-Time Payment of



Hear from Jana & Em, recent BITS students!

Click the videos to hear about their experience with the program!


"For many years I carried the fear from a riding accident, always thinking “what if?” every time I got on a horse.

I even tried some lessons, which seemed to make the fear worse rather than better.

Then I found Beth’s Inspired Riding® Program. It was the soft landing I’d been seeking.

Beth gives you the concrete tools, framed in compassion, to move past your fear and connect deeply with your horse.

The Inspired Riding® Program has been a transformational journey, and I am forever grateful to have found her. "

Tamar Reno, Inspired Rider

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