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Remote Riding Lessons

Wherever you live in the world, you can get support for your riding!

As an Inspired Rider, you will be encouraged to tune in with your intuition, your horse, and as you get instructions from me, it will become the most joyful co-creative lesson, with all three beings in alignment.

I don't micro-manage your movements (unless requested). I will offer moments for you to really listen to your horse and your body. I am classically trained and have been blessed with incredible trainers who taught me the basics of dressage and jumping, in a way that the horse enjoys. Never forced, only invited to dance.

I love Dressage most of all, but can also assist beginning jumping and pleasure riding in English & Western.

If you are working on other disciplines not listed above, I can give you a general sense from a Dressage perspective, but I may not know all of the technical aspects of your chosen sport!

I have been teaching consistently since 2000 and riding since 1986. I did become certified with the CHA in 2005, for Level 3 in both English and Western. Recently became certified as a Level 1 Equestrian Tai Chi Instructor as well.

For those interested in getting remote Equestrian Tai Chi lessons, I will be happy to include that at your request.

Please scroll down to find out more about my teaching and riding experience.


The lessons are $75 US for 45 minutes.

With Zoom meetings, you can set up your phone on a tripod (or have a friend be your camera person) and get a riding lesson in real time!

It's just like having your riding instructor on the side of the fence!

The Noxgear Bluetooth Speaker for two way communication is highly recommended. You can even use the code: InspiredRiding for a discount!

May the horse be with you. Always.

-Beth Lauren Parrish


Power Sessions

Power Sessions with Beth are as unique as you are.

Get live remote coaching via Zoom Video. 

  • You can have a heart to heart with Beth about what's going on with your horse journey. She will be kind, honest, and insightful. Her method of coaching involves deep listening and then getting inspired insights to assist with solutions.
  • Insights from watching your riding together (you can send her videos)
  • Tap into your inner power tools for confidence & creating plans
  • Practice tuning in with your horse (Animal Communication)
  • Ask Beth anything else and get her honest, intuitive solutions

You will have the option to get a recording of your session sent via google drive withing 24 hours after.

The sessions are $75 US for 45 minutes.

You Will See Your Time Zone...

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Get to know your coach!

Beth Lauren Parrish is a CHA Certified Level 3 Instructor in both English and Western disciplines, as well as a Level 1 Equestrian Tai Chi Instructor.

She has taught thousands of lessons for the past 23 years and started riding in 1986.

After obtaining a BA in International Studies, from UNC Chapel Hill, Beth decided to become a full-time instructor after falling in love with teaching at a summer camp in Maine. Beth maintained a client base of 30 students, in the middle of New York City at the Chelsea Piers.

She then established riding schools in Southern California and Austin, Texas. She now currently lives and teaches south of Atlanta, Georgia, in a horse friendly town called Locust Grove.

Beth has an unrelenting passion to improve her life and anyone else’s life that she comes into contact with.

She has also been featured on: Art of the Horseman, Listening to the Horse Documentary, HorseWyse Magazine, Divas that Care Podcast, and also has her own book, "Your Horse Believes In You" found in the resources page!

Learn more about Beth's journey...

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Linda G.

"Beth has such an amazing, inspiring and motivating approach. It is so refreshing to learn from someone that is positive and encouraging no matter what level you are at or what your skill level is, she has a way of helping you gain confidence and to be able to appreciate your relationship with your horse from the little moments to the big achievements!"

Sunshine W.

"The Inspired Riding® Program and Beth Lauren Parrish have revolutionized my at home riding program. The courses have very supportive and educational content and her virtual riding lessons make it so I can have the kind of lessons that work for me with my own horses on my own property. Beth’s methods are kind, compassionate and fun for both horse and rider."

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