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Wouldn’t it be great to never be afraid to ride your horse?

But right now, you get to the mounting block and you’re holding your breath. You’re trying to quiet the voices that say something like: you might fall off and get hurt today.

You decide to put off riding because it’s too windy, or cold, or it’s been too long since you rode last…

You’re feeling frustrated and you envy those who have the courage to hop on and ride, no matter what. You wish you could enjoy your riding, without feeling nervous.

I’ve actually had these thoughts, more than I care to admit. I’ve been a rider for 35 years, and a professional instructor for 21 of those… And guess what? I’ve had many times where my stomach would do flips and I dreaded riding certain horses.

It’s completely normal to feel fear and you are not alone!

The good news: You don’t have to feel this way. 

Using these strategies I've taught hundreds of students to become confident riding...

And activate their 'fun button' again!

The best part: It costs less than one riding lesson!  

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If you're willing to take the time to do this, you'll be able to mount up with ease!

Sound good?

You will feel confident, calm, compassionate, and dare I say, excited to ride again!

You will learn how to:

  • Find deep and profound insights from your fears
  • Discover powerful confidence building tools
  • Redirect your thoughts and enjoy your riding more
  • Handle performance anxiety & get focused on what’s important
  • Quiet your nerves about falling and injury
  • Shift your approach to fearful horses
  • Be more compassionate for yourself and your horse

Fear is actually a beautiful gift. When you decide to face your fears, you’re honoring the signals our bodies designed to keep us from the possibility of getting hurt.

These lessons will help you explore how to handle your fear and learn to appreciate it!

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  • Text and Audio available. Listen to each lesson!
  • Supportive Vibe: You will feel empowered, not confronted.
  • Enjoy on your computer or phone with the Kajabi app.
  • Bonus Content: Exclusive Meditations & Other Surprises!
  • Lifetime Access

    May the horse be with you. Always.

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  • Face Your Fears Course PLUS:
  • Inspired Riding® Meditations! Rewire your mind to transform your horse time. Click here for more. $23 Value 
  • Create Change Course! Transform your life with horses, 5 days at at time. $25 value
    You will have access to 7 of the Challenges:

  • Inspired Riding® Basics: Breathe, Believe, & Balance

  • Honor Your Emotions & Reduce Stress
    Animal Communication Basics
    Fine Tune Your Intuition & Get Creative in the Arena

  • How to Create New Habits

  • Face Your Fears & Activate the Fun Button (The Challenge)

  • Walking Exercises & Musical Fun

  • Lifetime Access

    May the horse be with you. Always.

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Sunshine Weeks

"Thank you for all of you gentleness and support. I have been constantly amazed by your messages and your method of helping people and horses. I finished lesson 3 of the fears course and had a great ride on Loki yesterday using what I learned."


Erin Baumgardt

"Beth has clear, solid guidance on how to learn from and work through fears, based on her own successful journey with Fear. The many tools she offers are powerful, and valuable for all horse people."

Face Your Fears & Activate Your Fun Button. It's time.

Feel calm, confident, and empowered. Enjoy your riding again! 

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