Encouraging Inspired Riders  to slow down, listen to their intuition, and connect to their horse... so they can have more fun!

This Journal will encourage you to:

  • Set Monthly, Weekly, & Daily Goals
  • Take about ten minutes before you ride to set your goals, check in with your intuition, and connect with your horse
  • Write after each session to record what unfolded and reflect on how to improve
  • Remind you to focus on appreciation, your inner power, and get your horse's advice
  • Send a screenshot of your Daily Pages to your instructor, so they can help shape your lessons!



$30 US (+shipping/tax)


  • Ships World Wide
  • 12 Weeks of Daily Pages
  • Themes for 3 Months: Balance, Transitions, & Confidence
  • Heart Storms for Each Month and Week
  • Reflections after each week with Inspired Riding® Insights
  • Inspired Riding® Power Tools & Mantra Ideas
  • Five Bonus Coloring Pages!


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Created by Beth Lauren Parrish: Worldwide Remote Coach, CHA Certified Level 3 Instructor in both English and Western disciplines, as well as certified as an Equestrian Tai Chi® Level 1 instructor. She has taught thousands of lessons since the year 2000 and started riding in 1986. She loves showing equestrians around the world how to tap into their inner power.

This journal will be a game changer for your riding...

May the horse be with you. Always.

Inspired Riding®