Believe In Your Magic

Access powerful tools for unshakeable confidence and clear communication with your horse, even if you're a beginner!

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This course is designed to help you find solutions that are practical and powerful.

Are you too hard on yourself?

You're on the mounting block, trying to muster up the courage to just go for it. But there's a funny feeling in your gut, a tightness in your throat, and you're wondering if it's such a good idea to ride or not. You decide to ignore these feelings, tell yourself to cowgirl up, and just hop on.

We've all been there. It's an equestrian's lot in life to push through fear and show up, even when we feel a bit wobbly.

But what if there was another way?


What if you could eliminate the stress of wondering why those gut feelings are trying to get your attention?


You can actually learn to recognize what your intuition is offering and start making the best decisions for yourself and your horse.

This course is designed to offer unshakeable confidence with your decision making. You will begin to trust your intuition, trust what messages your horse is offering, and just. have. fun. Doesn't that sound better than just hoping things will work out?

You'll also learn the secret techniques the current Inspired Riders (and their horses) are loving. They've gone from being worried about doing the right thing all the time... to having the best knowing smiles while they ride. (I see it in their videos all the time, it's a gorgeous wave of confidence they exude now).

They have listened to the meditations in this course, specifically designed to help them slow down, get the answers they need in the moment, and discovered joy they never thought possible with their riding. Such a lovely shift, right?

Your horse is waiting for you to find your power and activate it. This step-by-step course will show you the way.

Don't worry, magic wands aren't required for this course. Although they can't hurt.

Your "owl" is right outside the window. Just hit the Enroll Now button and off you will go to "Hogwarts for Horse People."

Are you ready to find your power? 

Marija N.

I just completed Module 5. I must say, Beth, that this course is really well thought out and laid out. The further we get in the modules, the better we get at everything and the more we get to integrate everything that we've learned in the previous modules. The progress is very real 'cos when some things are done daily, they transform from conscious effort to just new habits.

Of all the courses I've taken for a little more than a year now, the Magic course has been the most fulfilling.

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Transformation Awaits

Check out the modules below:

No More Doubts

Build the skills you need to trust your intuition and make the best decisions for you and your horse!

Strategies to Squash Fear

Actually enjoy learning how to confront your fears and discover newfound confidence.

Fine Tune Your Telepathy

A very straightforward approach to learning how to exchange images, feelings, and words with your horse. 

Transformative Tools

Learn the secret techniques the Inspired Riders and their horses love. Enhance your horse journey, with infinite possibilities.

Integrate Your Magic Tools

Allow your magic tools to all come together with your horse. Your inner power will be shining and your horse will be so proud of you.

Access Your Power

Learn how to take all of your magic to your riding. Access your intution, your horse's advice, and have the best rides ever!

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Brand new bonus content!

Check out the videos below to explore the amazing content added by 4 guest experts!

Magic has been Magnified!


Jenny Pim

"This course is amazing. You learn to activate your deeper knowing and intuition, through a series of techniques, tools, and exercises, so you can develop a much deeper partnership with your horse, both on the ground and riding. 

Horses love this kind of connection, as they are so capable of connecting with us in a much deeper multidimensional way than many of us are used to. It makes us so much more exciting and interesting for the horse to be with!

Beth's relationship with her pony Pepper is like a shining light for us to emulate. The way she talks to him, and the way he is with her is like a tonic to watch for a start, but then to go and practice what she teaches, and see how your horse or pony reacts, and how much closer your partnership becomes is truly Magical!

There's something very pure about this course, it's like an opening up, or a returning to the way we somehow could be, before life got in the way.

Believe in Your Magic is a must for people who don't want just a superficial connection with their horse, but who want to be with their horse in the way their horse would love them to be!"


Nicole Parks

"This is for every horse-crazy girl who is now a horse-crazy adult wanting to delve deeper into that magical feeling you get with your four-legged friends. Beth takes you places you've probably never been to enhance your relationship with your horse and with yourself. Her joy is infectious, and her belief in your practical magic is wholehearted. Well worth the investment!"

Jana Wagner

"With this program, I've become braver and have better muscle memory. I'm consistently happier and joyful in my days and at work. It helps me see a future I had not previously thought of or imagined. I now practice with the magic tools every day, with every ride and in everything that I do. It has brought a great deal of ease and enjoyment into my life. It is literally MAGIC."

Bonus: Guided Meditations

You'll find carefully chosen guided meditations for your lessons. They will help you get into a state of gratitude, build confidence, connect to your horse's wisdom, and even take you on unique journeys to enhance your riding, like never before!

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Find Your Power & Believe In Your Magic

Access powerful tools for unshakeable confidence and clear communication with your horse, even if you're a beginner!

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