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-Beth Lauren Parrish

The Confidence Building Products


The Guided Meditations

21 short and sweet audios to improve your relationship with your horse and your overall riding confidence.


A great start!

These nine lessons will offer you effective strategies to face your fears and enjoy riding again!


The Focus App

You never have to feel alone! Open the app, fill out 4 questions... and get an exercise suggested, just for you and your horse! And that's just ONE part of this incredible mobile app... click to link to learn more:

3 Day Trial and then $49 USD/year

Online Course for Building Trust in Your Intuition

Believe in Your Magic has six powerful modules and an incredible bonus section from additional experts. Not to be missed!


The Ultimate Confidence Building Program!

A Step-by-Step Program for Riding Confidently, even if it has felt like forever. Without feeling pressure, overwhelm, or confusion about your next steps.

LEARN MORE (Was $997) Now $497 USD



Have you tried all. the. things. but can't seem to get to the root cause of your issue (confidence/self-doubt/negative thinking/something else)... ?

Beth offers a unique form of hypnotherapy (all done online) that can help you feel freedom in just one session.

Click here to learn more about the incredible Rapid Transformational Therapy® Sessions. ($497 USD)

Want to experience it on your own?

Check out the Self-Hypnosis Audios available here! ($18 USD/monthly)


The Virtual Live Events

These master classes, challenges, and virtual clinics were amazing! You can now enjoy them at any time.

A Master Class for Ever-Evolving Equestrians.

Learn how to partner with your mind-- to break free of the old programming that might be harming you and begin to install the new programming you desire!


Equestrian Tai Chi® & Inspired Riding® Virtual Clinic

Learn basic Equestrian Tai Chi® and the Inspired Riding® Principles.

You'll love how they will connect seamlessly and help to balance your mind, body, and spirit.


Create Change Course!

Transform your life with horses, 5 days at at time... Get access to 7 unique experiences that are sure to help you enjoy your horse time!



Books, Journal, & Swag

Your Horse Believes in You

Get Beth's book here! Available in paperback, Kindle, and Audible!


The Companion Journal for Inspired Riders

A 12 week planner to enjoy your horse time! Worldwide Shipping!


The String Keeper's Wish

Get Beth's fiction, time travel adventure here! Available in paperback and Kindle!


The Swag!

Share your love for Inspired Riding® with these super comfy shirts, tanks, and hoodies! Worldwide Shipping.

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The Freebies

Hello there.

I'm Beth Lauren Parrish.

I'm here to remind you of your inner power.

So many of us can get caught up in a swirl of other people's opinions, negative self-talk, and self-doubt.

It's time to truly begin to trust yourself, so you can step into the amazing life you so deserve.

Everything I present to the world has been created with the utmost care, compassion, and creativity for humans and their incredible horses.

I've been through numerous setbacks, which set me on a journey of exploring the best solutions possible for my clients. I now have a proven system to build up confidence in a steady way, one stride at a time.

If you'd like to learn more about my journey, please click here.

I hope you're inspired to dive into my world... and I can't wait to connect with you!

May the horse be with you. Always.

"Beth's online teaching and courses have done more for my confidence in 6 months, than several YEARS of in person lessons with other instructors."

Em Tilden

"Through Beth’s programs, I learned how to redirect negative thoughts and have so much gratitude for my amazing horses."

Andrea Reid


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