10 Ways to Stay INSPIRED!

inspired riding Aug 05, 2021
  1. Take a few moments each morning to count your blessings.
  2. Breathe deeper and slow down–the less frantic you are, the more zen and connected you can feel to your world
  3. Try something new each Even if it is brushing your teeth with your other hand. See what might happen.
  4. Really thank your horses for allowing you to interact with them, especially riding them…It is an HONOR to be able to do what we do with these magnificent creatures.
  5. Allow yourself to DREAM BIG. Write down some goals. Whether they be the most outrageous things you can think of…or simply something you think is possible for that day. Just WRITE IT DOWN. If you forget about it later on, you can look back and think about how much closer you are to those dreams. It might really surprise you.
  6. Take care of yourself. Think about what your body might want in order to THRIVE. Each body will tell us if you get quiet enough to listen. Experiment on a menu. Just scan and allow your heart to guide you to what your body needs.
  7. Take time to just sit. Even if it is for 5 minutes. Connect with nature without any agenda. Let it revive you.
  8. Ask for clarity before you go to bed. Allow yourself to KNOW that solutions will arrive when you wake. Remember to give up the “how” of things and just allow the answers to flow.
  9. Ride more. Even if you just get on and walk around without any agenda. Your horse might be surprised by how little you ask of him/her and show you some pretty wonderful things.
  10. Reach out to friends and others who inspire you. Give them a call or write them a letter to tell them what they mean to you. It may spark some more fun things within yourself to “get going”

May the horse be with you. Always. 💕🐎


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